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Judge Napolitano on The Plain Truth of the Federal Reserve 12/21/10


This is really happening.

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Fox is trying to run in front of the parade.

They hope somebody will think they're leading it.

Pretty much...

And this time it won't be neo Glenn Beck.

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wasn't that made back when it was an online exclusive show?

and you're holding him to that now?

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Judge Napolitano

I believe says as much as he is allowed to, which I give kudos to anyone who is controlled knowingly that spreads as much truth as they can which is better than zero truth. Fox News on the other hand is only allowing this because they hear our footsteps and want to be able to say we were right there with you, which is bs, they just hear our footsteps.

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I think we need a new meme for the Federal Reserve..

Someone said it in Congress not long ago:

"What you are doing here, is nothing less than economic terrorism on the American people!"

The Federal Reserve is NOT just corrupt!


"The Federal Reserve is dangerous to America."

Why is it dangerous?

SECRET government! $4-10 trillion dollars has been spent on Verizon Wireless, AT&T, McDonalds & Credit Suisse Bank as well as the Royal UBS Bank of Switzerland.

What specifically were they PAYING for?

Verizon has contracts all over to spy on Americans nation-wide across the spectrum!!!

AT&T has the same exact contracts!! They're also contracted with the Federal Communications Commission who desires to censor the internet.

So the Federal Reserve, far from having just failed policies....is running a SECRET GOVERNMENT operation by flash funding the National Security Agency.

They are deliberately spying on millions of Americans, paying for the training of militarized police, and without doubt are paying to Federalize the United States water and food supplies.

Federal Reserve "loans"(if they can be called this!) go towards Airport Scanners all over the airports, go into TSA training to make sure everyone is being probed & scanned, & pay for fascist gestapo tactics.

Now clearly, THESE kind of illegal things we want to end once & for all!!!

The Federal Reserve is financially tied to the support of a now clearly proven secret government which is even financing the Pentagon. Show everyone!!!

It'll make the disgust with the Federal Reserve that much more real and increase demands for its abolition.

"The Federal Reserve is a threat to Americans!! It is stealing dollars everywhere and engaged in Economic Terrorism!!"

"The Federal Reserve is hereby dangerous!!"

It is time Americans treat the Federal Reserve like an enemy combatant. As that is how its treating everyone

Kudos to the judge.

I don't know if the average Fox News TV watcher wants to hear that, but they need to hear it.

They probably thought they could avoid hearing uncomfortable truths by avoiding the independent media.

Now they'll have to be careful what they watch on mainstream TV networks lest they be rudely awakened by people like Andrew Napolitano!

great find

Thanks for posting.

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Very powerful. Now if the people just listen.


I love listening to the Judge speak. Courageous and eloquent. There need to be more shows like this on television. One day the audience will decide which shows survive on platforms like youtube and vimeo and cable television will melt away, and I get the feeling that shows like this will do VERY well, assuming congress/telecoms don't take over the internet. Power brokers hate the internet.

It was interesting the Judge chose to use the words central banker instead of the name Rothschild when he delivered the quote about a nation's currency. Is he dumbing it down for viewers or being censored? The latter seems more likely.

Ya, I paid $5/mo xtra just to

Ya, I paid $5/mo xtra just to get it..



Not allowed to mention Rothschild's name?

Did you notice how at about 18 seconds he doesn't mention Rothschild as the author of the quote?


editor in chief got a hold of that one my guess. quote wasn't accurate either, but yes, close.

all this movement towards ending the fed is awesome....it's due time. but the fed, the globalist elite have got to have seen this coming....

and, in spite of the doom predicted....economic collapse, fema camps, police state, etc....just what game plan do these folks have regarding squashing the effort to route them out?

what are we going to replace this system with? (bancor is their plan...or something like it)....what is "ours"? will we be prepared to take back our government?......their plan seems to be fixed on many fronts: economic, governmental, military, police, health...etc.....

these are mostly rhetorical questions.....commentary that it will indeed be interesting times as the message gains ground....it will be one wild ride for sure.


"what are we going to replace the system with?"

Answer: The US Treasury

Aka: Nothing!

If someone attempts to put in a national bank or temporary bank we will do all possible to stop it. If it comes to pass, we will put it under high scrutiny & move to end it for sure.

When the free competition in currency act gets through and we're able to use different forms of tender, that will be the winding down of the Reserve. They can't stop the states, and the states will be the first to adopt competing currencies in every direction.

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little odd.  Closest thus far, though.

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