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Understanding Electronic Medical Records and their implications (banksters are betting on our death now.)


If you do not understand the connection between my title and this article, I think I know exactly which fact you have not yet accepted: You are a lab rat in a eugenics experiment. I hope you get it now, and will excuse yourself from their "health" and their "care." At the very least, LIE about stuff to make your records less useful. If you are going in for an ingrown toenail, you will be forced to answer a ridiculous battery of questions in the guise of "a complete history." Truth is, it is so they can code a more complex exam and bill for more. Refuse to answer stupid questions or give stupid answers. It is a start.

Love yourself enough to protect your own medical information.

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Don't go there

Opted out of the system 5 years ago. Don't have insurance and see a naturopath once or twice a year for updates. I tell her what I want and we discuss it. She is extremely reasonable, $30 per visit. I am doing my dentistry out of the country and the one prescription I have I buy out of country. Will have any MAJOR work done in Ecuador.
This system is set up to kill you and take your money at the same time. People who don't go to somebody because it is not covered by their insurance get what they pay for.


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We are all going to die, so get use to the idea. They will..

win that bet, but they should include themselves as well.

Having said that, I agree that EMRs are the scourge of the earth. A hard paper copy of a patient's medical record must exist in case there is a computer crash, so why make an electronic one you ask? An EMR is equivalent to inserting us into the matrix. We are being computerized and digitized. The people doing this have already lost their souls, and we are in the process should they succeed.

The last time I

went in to a doctor, they gave me a consent form to sign. I crossed out all of the sections allowing any dept of anything to look at my records and noted at the bottom "I do not consent to any release of my medical information to any government agency or those in connection with." and signed it. The lady looked at it......and then said "Oh ok" and filed it. So know that you can do this, this is 100% true story so don't feel intimidated.

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Ha, ha!

I'll soon be getting my medical out of the country.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I think of ways to protect our medical information

often. It isn't always easy, but if you are careful, I suppose one could do it. My husband recently had to go to the doctor, and filling out the form (we have no regular doctor), we left off the social security number, of course. And they never asked to see his driver's license, so I imagine we could have just lied about his name too. Although I wonder if one could get a prescription without a driver's license? Does anyone know? Alas, he had to have a blood test, (two weeks and still no result of the test). I guess it takes a while to get the dna test? LOL
It is nicer to go to a naturopath, as they don't share info at least not yet. Probably some FDA person will read this and lobby for a bill to do just that now.

Tests sent out of the office and prescriptions

must result in at least some information being captured no matter what.
Any pharmacists know how much and how far the info on an Rx is spread?

Starting soon

health care providers will be required to verify the identitiy of their patients. Implementation of the regulation has been delayed but the opposition finally got worn down.

you need to show your license to buy Sudafed

where I live. It is a controlled substance.

I love my naturopath. When I recommend her to my friends, they don't go because its not covered by insurance. I always say, "I prefer it like that."

If one has insurance,

you will have tons of tests done, and who knows how many drugs they will put you on. Yeah, I prefer it like that too. LOL

Thanks Fishy. But weren't they doing this anyway?

remember that thing where you could go to (I think it was) Fidelity and look up how much your Social Security number was worth as a bond (when they issue a SS number a bond is created.) As I recall, when a a social security number is created for you, you are entered into a pool of people born on or around your same date. (that's why they want everyone to get one at birth). That pool of people is then analyzed based upon some insurance actuary function to figure out how much you will be contributing to the system. That's what your social security bond is worth. (I may have this a bit confused, but this is how I understand it. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

My question at the time was: IF THEY ARE TRADING THESE AROUND AS EQUITY WOULDN'T SOMEONE HAVE INSURANCE ON IT? Like what if a bunch of people died too early?

So thanks for posting this.

Mass extinctions have killer returns

In that case, Mass extinctions must have killer returns!

Why don't the Truthers analyse fluctuations in SS# bond rates on September 10th to see if anyone decided to go long on mass suicides and shortened longevity?

Or better yet: how's the market looking for 2012 mass suicides and extinctions?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

That is really sick

and evil stuff they are gambling in.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


agree, quilts...

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