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I will ask this here where no one will hear me... lol!

Before I ask my question, I will give my guesses:

1. The daily chemtrail thread.
2. The gardening thread.
3. Steve Parent's instructions for delegates.

OK, Question: What are the three most popular threads ever created on the DP?

I don't know how to find out, or if it can be easily determined. But recently there is much fuss about what the DP is for and who and what ought to be allowed to post here. I see it as a "sign of the times" - even the DP has lost its ability to be whatever it is at any moment, it must "be" something defined and controllable... I do not see it as a good sign, but maybe I am wrong. At the same time, I see the folks here, including Nystrom as near as I can tell, just not getting the silver thing, still. I seem to have blown it by trying to be funny, edgy and maybe win a contest, now it is too easy to portray my efforts as self serving. The ridiculous thing is that yes, it would be good for me also. It is a "WIN-WIN-WIN" if you buy silver. It is good for both of us and bad for the banksters.

So, I suppose if Ron Paul announces his candidacy, my rather unwelcome voice will be heard as "the enemy" and that is really too bad. I had the highest of hopes for the folks at the DP. I believed you all to be the most open minded, most able to "hack at the root" but now... I love you guys, just because you are alive. I insulted someone with this, but it was not intended to be insulting. I love you like my houseplants. It is not warm and fuzzy, it is just a certain awe that "Wow, that thing is alive." I miss what this place once was, and I accept that I am not a good fit here any more because of who I have become AND because of a decision to narrow the focus of this site to just politics and just unquestioning support for all that any man named "Paul" might do. It was the ability to ask any question and get feedback from real people that made this place special to me.

Now, is it really in the best interest of liberty, this site or the people who use it to eliminate the types of discussions that made this site "home" to so many of us?

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Eb & Flow

just like a stream the DP flows, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

We are maturing and realizing just how bad things are everyone is dealing with that in their own way.

I think this backroom has HUGE potential think of all the freedom of thought and discussions we could have that would be criticized on the front page.

Hang in there relax, don't take the nit picking serious because life is to short to worry about such things.

Silver is fine, and so was the contest if you win this place will be crazy with excitement. Some people just like to read and not get involved that is ok too.

Did you know that this backroom has a pool table, a bar and dart board? lol There is a echo too. Helloooooooooooo Gotta love the backroom.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Hellllooooo! lol!


You know, I can't even find that gardening thread. I don't think the "locked" threads show up, and that one was a treasure. It may just be me, too. I am not any computer whiz.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Change is the only constant

I too sometimes wish this site was different and more of a free-for-all. When I first found the DP it was in 2007 when everyone had campaign fever and it was all about Dr. Paul and I was in love with every byte of it.

That honeymoon is over and I've reached a more balanced perspective about both Dr. Paul and this site. I take them both for what they are and I don't ask them to be anything they aren't.

Right now I have to say my feelings about the DP are at a low as well. Meaningless polls, the latest outrage from the PTB, videos of some talking head spewing nonsense - these are the things that dominate the active list. Posts with genuine questions of how we can effect change or that promote real physical actions we could all take get ignored for the most part or even ridiculed in some cases. It's discouraging.

I see much enthusiasm about a 2012 run for Dr. Paul. I'm not unenthusiastic about that subject, but I am realistic about it. I think about how much time, effort, money I personally put into his 2008 run. There were many positive results of that, but I also think about whether there wasn't something more effective I could have done with those resources.

I plan to stay a member of this site and use it for what it's good for. I urge you to do the same. I've started to spend much time in the Off-Topic forum, where it IS a free-for-all. Post whatever you want here fishy. Those who want to give it a look will do so. Some will appreciate it and comment, many will appreciate it and just move on. And you will always get haters who come into threads and sling contempt and ridicule. You could just ignore them, which is a perfectly valid response and one I highly recommend. If you felt compelled to respond to such behavior you might dowse them with a big bucket full of the Love you're so good at mongering.

I always enjoy your threads fishy so please take heart and stay. I'd miss your voice here very much.

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"eliminates discussion"

You are complaining because off topic discussions do not appear in a 2x10" space on the site.  That is all.  They still:

  • appear in "recent posts"
  • appear in "my recent posts"
  • have comments that appear in "recent comments" below the 2x10" space
  • are fully stored untiered in the DP database with equal retrieval time like every other conversation

To answer your question, with a minimum of 500 comments to be considered "popular", per forum, the top threads are:

DP Liberty Forum 

Current Events



Off Topic

This is available to anyone who knows forum pages can be sorted by clicking on headings.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

I wish the DP tracker listed these different types

I am guessing you have code that looks at all posts to find the high hitters?

Free includes debt-free!

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forums! Pick a forum, sort by comment header twice to get descending order.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

OK. That was easy.

Try as I might, I fail at being good at everything. LOL

Thanks for the hand up.

Free includes debt-free!

Those are good questions.

That no one will ever ponder but me... lol! Have a great day, folks!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Consider the ratio of users and guests. See link


My rule is to bump when I have something to add. Though sometime I merely bump something worth reading/viewing.

But I can't be everywhere. I wonder how many posts are made every day? How many Comments?

Can I afford to buy silver when I have loans to repay.

If I buy silver without owning title to my land, will I be in better shape or worse, when the crash comes?

I do have several hundred pounds of steel, aluminum and copper from my urban mining operations. (Picking up people's junk).

I tell stories that I think need to be told. It might be one that our thousand voiceless guests need to hear.

I used to tell my father jokes and he listened and I wondered, why bother.

Then one day I overheard him retelling my jokes with relish and vigor. I laughed. My expectations bred their own disappointments.

Free includes debt-free!

Enjoying your pity party?

Sounds like it.

There's nothing wrong with being in the Off Topic thread. If you consider it "control" then maybe it is but stop talking about it in a negative way.

Look at it like a house and realize that there are times and places for certain things.