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A penny saved, is a penny that can be used in 2012.....

....for the Ron Paul presidential campaign that is. Years ago I started saving my change in a huge water jar given to me by my grandmother. It's beautiful blue glass. Over the years I've used the "money" for different things and for the past several years I've used it for spending money while on vacation. Children seem harder to please once they catapult past 12 so the money always came in handy. Last year I had saved over $700 simply from pocket change. While I did max-out my contributions in 2007, it did come at some , seemingly at the time, major sacrifices.So after 2008 had passed I bought a new jar. It's brown glass which I've adorned with Ron Paul stickers and such. I still put change in the vacation jar, but I do this at a 2-1 ratio in favor of the vacation jar because I have more time to fill the brown jar. I'm over $400 in the brown jar right now and over $500 in the blue jar( I've been placing extra money in the brown jar whenever I do some odd jobs here and there ; ) ) So, I thought I would share this in hopes of other people doing the same. It would make maxing-out for the 2012 run much easier. If everyone does this we will have a jump start to get the message out! Just a thought. Merry Christmas everyone!

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think Ron Paul would make a great POTUS. That being said, I wonder why Thomas and I are the only ones who address banning electronic voting machines. Pelosi and others just got re-elected...does anyone here think that without the voting machines this would have happened? I certainly don't!

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Not what I thought you were going to say

I thought you were going to say the price of copper and zinc will be going up (in dollar terms).

I believe the nickel is worth 6 cents right now, just for its metal content which include silver (I'm not an expert--can anyone confirm?).

Pretty soon, the Congress will have to raise the spending limits. We should plan to take advantage of our grass-roots non-organizing (organizing is penalized in the campaign finance code) to fund-raise in a decentralized manner.

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Value of coins based on metal content

Currently, the copper in pre 1983 pennies(90% cu) is worth almost 3 cents!


Will not be spending these pennies anytime soon.


i must also be on CFL's "big donor" list, because their letters never ask me for less than $100.

they don't know that all of my donations came in small chips at a time.