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Where can I find a graph of Oil prices for 2010?

I must not have very good Google skills.
I can't seem to find a simple graph of the price of oil in USD for the year to date.

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Yeah, now that's what I wanted.
Thanks again.

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Will that do?

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Its not the clearest graph, but it does cover 2009-2010.
I just wish there were a better graph (sort of like Kitco's silver year graph).

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You meant CASTOR oil, right?

Graphs in this report:


I'm messin' with ya ;-)

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Castor oil?!?!?!

LOL. OK,you got me.
But actually I wouldn't mind having that chart too.
But I didn't see the 2010 graph.

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try kitco and click on oil.

try kitco and click on oil.


I clicked "Oil" and "charts" under the list of "indicators" (a list of spot other prices or indexes like the NYSE).
Nothing graphed except precious metals as far as I can see.
Am I looking in the wrong place?

BTW, I can't believe this kind of graphic info is not more transparently and easily accessible on the Internet.
Makes me wonder if somebody is hiding something.

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