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Man Jumps From Balcony in Romanian Parliment

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A few years ago, someone at a

A few years ago, someone at a hearing protesting "gun control" in Hartford, CT cut his trigger finger off to demonstrate his feelings. These things accomplish little. Politicians really don't care what we think, or what happens to us. All they care about is themselves. Of course, I am generalizing.

But the fact is, most politicians really don't seem to care about us. If they did, would then start and finance wars for profit?

Looks like another Royal NWO thug....

Can't say I feel very sorry for these nobles right now.

I forgot to mention...General

I forgot to mention...General Electric is now in charge with the Romanian power plan...only 2 of the 6 nuclear reactors are running.

Let me tell you few things

Let me tell you few things about Romania.

In January 1989 the president Ceausescu announced on national TV an historic moment, after 10 long years Romania finally paid off it's debt, over $11 billion, he also signed a law prohibiting any Romanian company, bank or other agencies to borrow money.

Few of you know that in communist Romania having a job was mandatory. Even fewer realize that being a doctor, miner or seaman could buy you a new car (domestic brand) and 2br. Condo in one year.
I'm not saying life was not tough, but there was plenty of opportunities for those smart or willing to work.

The school and medical treatment where free, but the policy was to always bring a pack of foreign cigarettes or coffee for the doctor, or $50-100 if you need it surgery. The average salary was $ 15-20 a month, plenty to live on. A brand new car was costing $500 and a 2 BR. Condo. Was starting around $700 going up to $1200. The Gov. was giving free housing for about everyone and everybody could have the opportunity to buy it if they wanted.

Romania was about to open it's first nuclear power plant, 100% Romanian build. This meant Romania was about to become energy independent, more then that, it could export electric energy. At the time we where making and exporting food, clothing, shoes, electronics, cars, ships, industrial equipment, etc.

In December 1989 western foreign secret agencies, along with the Romanian one, staged a Revolution and killed the Presidential couple plus a very prominent general.

After that the looting of the country begin, all the factories where going down one by one. US and Western Europe entered Romania and started the looting of the country by bribing the new politicians, nothing more then ex-communist transformed over night in capitalists.

I still remember how in 1991 Romania had the greatest ever wheat production, covering the internal needs plus the chance to export. But the politicians where corrupt by the IMF so they refused to buy the wheat, instead they imported. As a result the farmers feed the wheat to the pigs and didn't plant as much for the next season...so in 1992 the Gov. was “forced” to borrow money to IMPORT wheat.

Today, 20 years after the communism ended, Romania is in over $100 billion debt, VAT is 25% and taxes are rising every year. USA has 2 military bases in Romania, IMF , Brux and Washington DC is running the show in Romania, without IMF money the romanian Gov. will not even be able to pay the people pensions. In exchange for the money the Romanian Gov. needs to implement draconian laws, fully adhere to campaigns like fight against terrorist, global warming, etc. As bankrupt as they are, Romanians have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The latest example of how picked up the country is...recently the Romanian Gov. borrowed money and they give $200.000.000 to Ford to open a car factory in Romania ! Is a vicious circle, the IMF is giving money but in the end most of the money goes in the pockets of western corporations.

interesting . . .

thank you for sharing.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

As a member of the Romanian

As a member of the Romanian Olympic team, he was attempting to set a new world record for the high-jump.


It is a sin to commit or attempt suicide


It looked more like a

It looked more like a controlled descent to me.

Nope that was a pancake collapse..

NIST said so.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Mmmmm.... pancake collapse...

With butter and maple syrup, please.


wanted his free ride to continue, he should have used the roof.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com



Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow