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Don't know where to go, might as well try here...

** this is not a scam, just an honest guy looking for some help**

First off let me just say that I know I am an unknown member of the DP, I rarely post, but have been visiting the site for ~ 2 1/2 years. Most of my posts have probably been conspiracy related, so please don't hold that against me lol. I am a 23 year old college "drop out" who decided to take a full time job instead of finishing school. For the last 9 months I've been working in an office, staring at a computer screen for ~45 hours a week. The job isn't bad, I can dabble on the internet as I please, but each day that passes only fills my mind with more anxiety, as I, like most of you, realize what the future has in store for our country. My family has no desire to try and prepare for anything but good times in the future, I'm trying to open their eyes, but honestly it's not working. That being said, here is my request:

I am looking for a trustworthy DP member with business experience/$$$ to help create/invest in a product(company?) that I am SURE will absolutely blow-up and generate a lot of profit. I'd rather not divulge any details on the product as I honestly think if done correctly, this could be sold nation-wide and generate insane amounts of income.

I have no prior business experience other than jobs I've had working for the man. I've never patented anything, and certainly don't have enough $$ for a patent lawyer (a necessity as this product would be very cheap to make, and probably easily copied and sold). I'm not willing to try and get the loans for this myself(nor do I think that I could even GET a loan due to my lack of credit and the status of the banks right now).

I live in a fairly wealthy area around Jacksonville, FL and have begun to search (through family/friend's social networks) for an individual willing to help me out on this. I've got one gentlemen who I've just begun to speak with who has many friends with $$$, so this may be one avenue, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask the DP. Of course the anonymity of the internet makes me hestitant to request such assistance, but I'm honestly becoming desperate to get this thing rolling. I thought I could do this all myself, but at this point I'd be happy to even take a small piece of the pie, as it'd be much much more than the 12 an hr I make now.

In a vague nutshell, my product is something that could be sold at many different venues/events around the nation. It would be very cheap to manufacture, and appeals to all aspects of the market - the venue, the consumer, and most importantly the advertisers. The product would basically sell itself, as I believe it has a high incentive to be purchased by the consumer. I honestly believe as soon as it was picked up by a couple of venues/companies, everyone else would jump on board as well, as it's advertisement gold. (On a side note, this could also help promote the fight for liberty in this country and help wake people up!).

Monetarily speaking, I would estimate that an investment of ~35k would get this thing up and running. My goal is to saturate the market with MY product, not allowing copy-cats to find opportunities in certain places. My ultimate goal would be to actually manufacture these myself instead of selling the idea to the highest bidder)(I've recently come across a connection that mamufactures solar panels in India for VERY cheap, and he has said he could definitley find someone to manufacture my product as well).

I believe that the product would cost > $1 to make and would be sold for ~$5. Even with pieces of the pie going to the venue/charity (another big incentive for the consumer to purchase) that is still a solid profit. Not to mention, advertisers would be champing at the bit to get on it, which would bring in a lot more $. To ballpark the overall #'s of products sold I'll use an NFL stadium:

1 NFL stadium (1 out of 32!)
Lets say Everbank Field in Jacksonville (Go Jags!)

Going low on attendance I'd say ~ 50k individuals are there on any given sunday throughout the year (16 games in a season)

Out of 50k invidiuals, say a small % of them, about 10% chose to purchase the product (I think it would be much more, perhaps even %70+).

5k people purchasing $5 product = ~25k in retail sales on this 1 product (say 50% purchased, that's 125k!)

Now, that is only 1 game out of 16, at 1 out of 32 venues across the nation. Ballparking 25% of people purchasing the product at all 32 venues for 16 weeks, comes out to about 6.4 million dollars in sales for the season. Insane amounts of $$ if you ask me, and that doesn't even include the influx of $ from the advertisments. That ballpark # is also very low IMO, as I think a very large majority of consumers would purchase this product on a weekly basis, so we're talking 10's of millions, and that's only with the NFL. There are countless other venues/ events that this could be sold at - the numbers are staggering.

Basically, I feel like Charlie here sitting on a golden ticket, I just need to find Grandpa Joe to take me to the Factory! The amount of profit produced by this could help prepare ALL of my family and friends for the future, and then some, easily! I know this is an odd post, but like I said I've grown desperate for assistance, and felt like the DP was a good place to go - I don't know any of you personally, but for the most part if you're a Ron Paul supporter and frequent the DP, then you're more than likely of high character. Hopefully I get some replies on this, whether anyone is willing to make a leap of faith, or just some kind words of encouragement/critique. Hopefully I didn't write this for nothing, my boss doesn't pay me to sit on the DP :). Also, I know this is a vague post and I don't have all my ducks in a row, but you have to start somewhere! I appreciate your time if you managed to get through this mess, hope to be hearing from you soon. Happy Holidays to the DP Family,


Matt B

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Investors take a big risk, they want a big piece of success.

Prove your concept in a small local market.

Can you prove your concept for $5,000 of your own money and use your own labor. If your numbers are right then that would yield $20,000 in profits. Make improvements in your tooling and processes. Repeat next game.

You want investors to come to you, when they do, you're in the drivers seat. You want to have proven product, proven manufacturing technologies though primitive and proven sales. You have to be able to walk away to get the best deal.

Don't worry about copy cats. How many ballcaps and t-shirts are there. If they copy your product it verifies your vision.

If you can continuously improve purchasing, production and distribution processes then you can keep ahead of the competition by increasing quality and decreasing costs.

If you can't keep ahead, game over. It's a gamble. Don't put any more skin in the game than you are willing to forfeit.

Purchasing, production and distribution processes are the essentials. Answer these questions and recheck the options. Look for new options. You'll need options for some will flop.

That's all there is to it. LOL.

Good luck!

Free includes debt-free!

Also, I'm not too worried

Also, I'm not too worried about being able to sell the product to the actual consumer, I think there will be a lot of incentive to buy it. The advertisement is what will be key, they spend who knows how much on airplane banners, signs, etc - things that are only seen for a short period of time. My product will give the advertisements much more exposure than anything I can think of, so from that aspect I'm sure they would be willing to jump on board.

I have a friend who sells her

I have a friend who sells her online MS Office training course though a major distributor. Instant success is a rarity, and it took 10 years of development and polishing, all self finance.

Each step built on prior knowledge and experience.

Don't expect the breakthrough, but be prepared for it. Can you do a tryout at a local sport event. Or maybe spring training?

Seedling companies need to find a way to grow. Sometimes it's easier where to big trees don't grow. Sometimes you can fit where the big trees won't.

Free includes debt-free!

I appreciate the advice Paul!

I appreciate the advice Paul! The thing is...the actual product itself is not new, there are variations of it that you can buy at stores, etc. I don't necessarily want to sell it directly to the consumers, I want to get a contract with a large company, like the NFL, so they can sell them in all of their stadiums. I'm afraid if I start small, the big guy will catch a whiff of what's going on and cut me off before I can grow to that level. I've never patented anything before so I really don't know how all that works. Basically I want to sell a product that is already on the market (many different kinds of this product, so it's not a small market)to the venue and the advertisers. Sorry if I'm not being clear, it's been a rough day at work and I still have another 4 hours :(. I just don't know how to go about selling a company something that is already invented, when if they thought of it themselves, they could make it very cheap and turn large profits, without me. Does that make sense?

What I need is, someone that

What I need is, someone that has real world business experience working with small products sold on a local level, that then grew it region/nation-wide. I'm no dummy, but I know I do not have the wherwithal to do this on my own without getting screwed somehow. I am totally confident that if done correctly, this could turn very very large profits. I just need a very solid business plan, which I am working on. However, spending ~ 55+ hours a week at work and trying to have somewhat of a social life doesn't give me much time on this. Defeatist attitude maybe, but I cant quit my job and I don't want lose my girlfriend or buddies. I feel as though the only way to get the results I want from this is to go big right off the bat.


Ok my math was wrong, NFL teams only host 8 home games per season so you could cut the # in half, but either way, still significant.