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Anarchists considered the new global threat.

Rome embassy blasts wound 2; anarchists suspected.


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Doesn't it figure?

I recently decided, very casually and without taking myself seriously, to tell people that I am an anarchist.

Suddenly, I guess I'm in the crosshairs as "the new global threat."

I just can't win.

What's next for these globalist scum....

Will Hillary get on the loud-speaker & announce every single States rights supporter & anti-empire anti-zionist supporter is now a domestic terrorist.

Wait...Cancel that. They already did that in Houston airport. What a complete JOKE!!!!

I bet Julian Assange will be blamed, and the rise of random "anarchists" (even though it would've been nicer if the whole embassy was gone!)

They best come right out and say it, because that's naming more than 50 million armed enraged Americans as domestic terrorists according to their devil-spine tongue language of traitors....

Early slip of the tongue?

Anarchists are without ruler, literally.

Anarchists are without ruler, that doesn't mean they are stupid or want to rule others with force.

Nobody believes the terrorist meme and TPTB defined terrorist in such a way that it became clear to us that America is the biggest exporter of terror in the world.

Anarchists has been deemed the next bad guy. The report says they are a group, who pays their way.

Free includes debt-free!

A terrorist is anyone who threatens the empire...

A terrorist is anyone who threatens the empire of lies.....A domestic enemy is anyone against the Fed.

Well two can play at that game. Officer Birk is going to be their sacrifice, and we'll send him to prison just for the first opening SHOTS...

The Jury will love this court room...