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Man slammed to ground and arrested for shooting bow and arrow in own yard

In the USSA these days you don't dare shoot a bow and arrow on your own property otherwise you should expect a couple dozen LEOs as well as the local fire department to show up.


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Common sense ...

don't shoot a crossbow in a crowded trailor park.

Of course stupidity is not a crime, but I would bet a crime was committed.

By the way, the owners may own the home, but usually they do not own the land.

This probably could have been handled through an eviction by a responsible landlord.

The landlord is probably lazy and probably some state law removes liability for him as long as he calls the cops.

Why go through the hassle of confronting the idiots and the eviction process when all you have to do is call the cops?

Additionally, the state probably makes it very difficult to evict an owner off the rented land for simply putting lives at risk by being stupid.

found a good copy of the original video!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkixwnfgxRY 1/2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqTo5t-9qvM 2/2

if a mod sees this please replace the video from the main thread and embed!! this injustice needs to be seen ....


A guy was tied to an archery target in my gym class, way back when and nothing happened there?


Cross Bow is

a bit more than a bow and arrow and it should be common sense not to shoot one in that neighborhood. C'mon people I know we have problems with police being out of control, but we don't know what this guy did when the cops showed up and it doesn't sound like he wife does either. Looks like he worked the lady cop over pretty well. Yes there was definite overkill with the amount of cops and them telling here she couldn't come out and trying to shut her door was outrageous, but no more outrageous than shooting a cross bow in what looked like a trailer park.
Suppose you were out in your yard or your kids were? So he was shooting at a target. What if he missed?
ou also don' know if th neighbor asked him t stop before calling the cops. Let's be reasonable. Too little info to condemn the cops for anything other than a ridiculous turn out and trying to boss the wife around. The bleeding female cop should have been removed from the scene long before that. Too much adrenelin for her to be dealing with the wife.
Would like to know the rest of the story.
A BB gun could be a danger in that yard. The guy wasn't smart. Did he need to be arrested? Who knows?

Video is back up

It's on www.youtube.com/user/thealexjoneschannel in the favorites tab.

I wonder if this means AJ will cover this story tomorrow?

Video is gone.

Video is gone.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.
Teach a man to phish and he'll clean out your bank account.

too late :(

too late :(

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as much as I Hate to see what

as much as I Hate to see what the cops did, I hate even more what the moron neighbor did.. Why call the cops on a neighbor who is not harming anyone?

women like that exist...!

my heart resonates....love.

She's married


Defend Liberty!

note to self

dont talk to police.

here is news info fOR this story...PLEASE POST IN MAIN THREAD

THIS IS A BUNCH OF CRAP!! here is the bs posted by the damn media... (please call them and tell them to do some real investigating...)


Call the reporter and tell him to actually do his damn job and do a REAL INVESTIGATION..interview witnesses ,etc. the VIDEO obviously shows the more truth than this article!!
Reach Cory Matteson at 402-473-7438 or cmatteson@journalstar.com


This woman broke the cardinal rule when dealing with the police, she kept talking to them. She should have locked the door and told them through the window she was phoning her attorney and did so immediately. Always have an attorney and bailbondsman you can call and keep their business card visible in the house and have one on your person. No matter what the circumstance with the authorities immediately phone your attorney and let them know what is happening, talk to them only and STOP talking to the police.

better yet, LEARN the law and apply it to your

own life, forget attys they work for you ONLY if you have enough $$$ to buy the state out of your contract/bonded indebtedness, otherwise they work for the STATE/COURTS!

The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.

oh man


Good Grief

Is there a law against lawn darts or throwing horseshoes? ;)


Lawn darts were taken off the market about 20 years ago.

They were re-introduced with nerf tips.

There were a few cases (or at least one, as I recall) where a metal tipped lawn dart sailed over a neighbors fence, struck someone in the head, and killed them.

I don't know about horseshoes, but my guess somewhere there is such a law. There's laws for things you'd never imagine.

For example, it is illegal to fish out of potholes in New Orleans. And if that isn't crazy enough, they actually used the law on someone a few years ago who was doing just that.


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mm, mm, mm,

music to my ears!

Too bad

we can't get it known around the country that you have a right to confront your accuser.

"Someone called and said you were doing x"

Oh, really? Who was that? I have a right to know."



that is all so sad.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

It is year's end

they need to balance the city budget.
maybe he should have just cooperated better.
Never feed hungry bears. You can end up being the meal.

I'm now very ashamed of my state.

...although most people think Lincoln really has gotten out of control lately. And Omaha is recalling their corrupt mayor.

This thing was a cover up, plain and simple..

Its just like the 9-11 footage of the PENTAGON.


Look, I don't know what the hell hit the Pentagon...I don't expect any of us could possibly know. But I do know that random muslims don't write "God Bless America" in All Red Letters on the inside of where the Pentagon exploded..

That's for sure. And I know that especially, a 747 airplane does not at all make damage that looks this perfect. So it sure as heck wasn't a 747..or missile.


Lincoln police are corrupt to the core.
My mentally challenged son called me to tell me that someone was trying to steal his xbox and computer and he had left because he felt threatened and was across the street at a gas station and that he had called the police..ARGH. I told him to stay there and I would be there as fast as I could and then I stayed on the phone with him until the police showed up and made him hang up the phone. By the time I got there, my son had been hauled off to jail, the police where long gone and to my amazement they the thieves where loading my son's Xbox and computer into a taxi cab. I was so mad, I asked them what in hell did they think they where doing and demanded they put his stuff in my van. I didn't know I was that intimidating but they obeyed me and loaded his stuff into my van.
My son was charged with assault..even though there was no evidence or witnesses of an assault. They the thieves simply claimed he had assaulted them. Lincoln justice...

thats nuts.

thats nuts.

I might add

My son no longer lives in Lincoln or goes there.

Lincoln just like Seattle..

Has been over run by neocon stasi thugs for quite a while. They even have their own "worship" festival which looks similar to that idiotic crap Keith Olbermann "jokes with" on TV.

I'm a bowhunter and...

It's illegal to target shoot in your yard in most cities. It's pretty much the same as shooting a gun. Sorry.