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Florida Fusion Center Surveilled Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty

Kurt Nimmo
Public Intelligence, an international consortium of independent researchers, reports that a fusion center in Florida snooped on Ron Paul supporters and other political groups.

“Several restricted documents produced by the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX) and obtained by Public Intelligence indicate that a variety of protests and political events are monitored by the regional fusion center for potential threats and violent activity,” the site reports.

“These events span the political spectrum from a summit hosted by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty to anti-war protests conducted by Code Pink and Veterans for Peace. While the documents make no mention of specific threats arising from the events, they do indicate that the fusion center monitors political action in a variety of forms and sometimes requests law enforcement officers to report on

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That Pentagon attack was NO random Airplane!!!

Newly Released FBI Video proves it: Jesse Ventura has been vindicated


What kind of "Muslim mob" writes "God Bless America" in all RED across the inside of the Pentagon!??

Like it was drenched in blood.....Looks more like a vigilante group of Christian Zionists and Saudis, Mossad agents if I was to play a gambling game...

Muslims don't say "God Bless America" on their marks. They also don't plunge a giant airliner face first into the Pentagon. What was that thing?

A military drone? How many other FBI tapes are being withheld..

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what in the world are you talking about??

completely unrelated.

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Well, hopefully they snooped on other gatherings as well?

I'm ok with them snooping around us, as long as they snoop wherever a crowd gathers. Especially if they snoop and find nothing. Of course, as a Libertarian, I would rather they didn't exist at all.



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Being paid to visit liberty events, sweet.

Maybe they learned something. Shrugs.

I wonder how often they run into their undercover trouble makers? You know, the one's standing tall and buff because of their bullet proof vests. Looking tough and acting just like the media says "that kind" acts.

Free includes debt-free!

Bump for your answer.

Thanks for that link. Smooth.

Free includes debt-free!