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Harry Reid locked a little kid in a garage until he cried, Senator's son reveals

Once in a while, you will see a story about one topic which inadvertently reveals information about something completely different. Notorious left-wing statist Senator Harry Reid once locked an underage boy in his garage until he 'cried uncle', according to the Senator's own son Josh Reid.

Full story here: http://www.examiner.com/la-county-libertarian-in-los-angeles...

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innuendo and ax grinding

sounds like this Reid guy was some kind of sadistic dungeon master who fed off the the tears of young victims he obviously kept in his garage no doubt for his perverted sacrifices in his satanic masonic temple lodge. And this Mike Lee character must be some kind of stockholm syndrome case demented and twisted over the years by his father's condoning close relationship with Reid and his cult. He must be some kind of sleeper cell trojan horse for cultish elite or some nwo outfit.

Or maybe mike lee was just being a punk kid back in the day, like many kids often are at that age, and Harry reid thought at the time to teach him lesson. Yes quite inappropriate and appalling by today's cps paranoid standards but not terribly controversial for the 80s.
SO rather than just address the issue that Reid is a terrible legislator and Mike Lee has an erroneous, albeit common, view on foreign policy, this author chose to creep into conspiracy land and taint the facts with innuendo, character assignation, assumptions and mild but obvious religious ax grinding to try to prove his point.

Yes Harry Reid's history of legislation is despicable. Yes he probably knew Mike Lee's father and Mike Lee growing up through political and church related activities. Just because you are ideologically opposed does not mean you cannot be friends or associate with other people who think differently than you do.

It is unfortunate that Mike Lee shares wittingly or not virtually the same foreign policy as every other hapless pathetic congressman in DC, whether Republican or Democrat and it's yet to be seen how Rand will come out or approach the issue but just because you have an ax to grind doesn't make it appropriate to sling around innuendo about and religious epithets about someone just because you disagree with their thinking on certain subjects. It cheapens any argument the author was trying make and makes them look like a two bit sensationalist tabloid conspiracy nut.

It seems I can't learn more by reading the story.

If that's the warning, thanks!

Free includes debt-free!

No there are some interesting points in the story

but the overarching assumptions and innuendo make distinguishing fact from fear mongering induced fiction somewhat difficult.


Harry Reid can take Chuck Norris - do not mess with him.


What a fine Mormon guy....

Makes me sick for anyone in Nevada who voted for him in usual robotic fashion. He's a fraud....he got suckered in.