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Rand takes office in less than 2 weeks! Here's to his first 99-1 vote!

I just received the holiday letter below from Rand Paul, and realized that in less than 2 weeks, the 112th Senate will convene and Rand Paul will be sworn in! I know many have worried that he won't be the beacon of liberty that his father is, but I hold out hope that he hasn't become just another warmongering Tea-o-Con. It'll be nice to have "one of ours" in the Senate. I'm looking forward to his first 99-1 vote. The battle will soon be joined! My holiday season will be a little bit happier with that in mind.

(body of letter after the jump)

Dear Friend,

As my family and I begin our celebration of Christmas, I wanted to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a happy and joyful holiday season.

Thank you once again for the kindness you've shown us over the past year. The battles we fight to take back our government in 2011 will only be possible because of your dedication to this cause over the past year.

I wish you a Happy New Year for 2011, and please keep up the fight!

In Liberty,

Rand Paul, MD

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email from Rand -

Dear Santa,

With the Holidays upon us, I know it is a hectic time for everyone.

As I write you today, I'm preparing for my swearing-in on January 5 and putting the finishing touches on what will be an aggressive agenda for 2011, beginning with my plan to cut $500 billion from the budget.

And, of course, I will be working closely with my Dad to pass a full-scale Audit of the Fed. In fact, it will be the first bill I introduce in the Senate.

To accomplish our goals, Dad and I are going to need a strong grassroots presence to keep the pressure on.

And I know we have no better friend than Campaign for Liberty.

That's why I hope you'll read the letter from my good friend and Campaign for Liberty President John Tate.

John is putting together an excellent program for next year to help in our efforts to take back our country.

But he must have the support of good folks like you to help us achieve our goals.

Thanks for all you do for the cause of Liberty and for your continued support of Campaign for Liberty.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul MD

He may not have as many 99-1 votes as his Dad...But no doubt..

He'll always steer us straight.