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Minnesota raw milk products ordered destroyed

A judge in Minnesota has ruled raw milk dairy products from Michael Hartmann’s dairy farm were responsible for a number of illnesses in the state this year. After hearing testimony from state officials for ten days, District Judge Rex Stacey determined the products at Hartmann’s dairy were “produced, prepared, packed and held in insanitary conditions.” The judge ordered state agriculture department people to destroy dairy products from the farm which were confiscated in May. Hartmann has asked that the products be returned so his family could consume them but the judge refused stating: “a claim that a family of four will personally consume 900 packages, forty-odd tubs and boxes of cheese, and 76 cases of butter is not credible.”

The case began last spring when raw milk products from Hartmann’s farm were linked to E.coli illnesses in the Twin Cities area in May and June. Minnesota Department of Health officials confiscated raw milk products from the farm and Hartmann was ordered to stop selling products. In July and August, seven more illnesses were linked to the farm but this time involving Campylobacter bacterium and the parasite Cryptosporidium. Officials raided the farm in early December impounding more products.

The attorney representing Hartmann says this is far from over. A challenge to the enforcement case will go before an administrative law judge and a separate constitutional challenge is pending in district court.

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as long as your in thier

as long as your in thier venue, it will difficult to win, the courts, like the IRS, heavily favor their own.

Not when civilians have over-run it...

Especially armed, LIVID civilians...


They won't dare do anything except shoot themselves & fire their boss...

I'd bet if this were in Montana

the courthouse would have been swamped.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Fill their courts....They won't bother then..

When the courts are clogged, JUSTICE prevails.


we need this