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Payment in gold, coin, or money of the United States is against public policy


House Joint Resolution 192

JUNE 5, 1933
[Pub. Res., No. 10]

To ensure uniform values to the coins and currencies of the United States.

Whereas the holding of or dealing in gold affect the public interest, and are therefore subject to proper regulation and restriction; and

Whereas the existing emergency has disclosed that provisions of obligations which purport to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency of the United States, or in an amount of money of the United States measured thereby, obstruct the power of congress to regulate the value of the money of the United States, and are inconsistent with the declared policy of the Congress to maintain at all times the equal power of every dollar, coined or issued by the United States, in the markets and in the payment of debts. Now therefore be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled, That (a) Every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which purports to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in an amount of money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy; and no such provision shall be contained in or made with respect to any obligation hereafter incurred. Every obligation, heretofore or hereafter incurred, whether or not any such provision is contained therein or made with respect thereto, shall be discharged upon payment, dollar for dollar, in any coin or currency which at the time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts. Any such provision contained in any law authorizing obligations to be issued by or under authority of the United States, is hereby repealed, but the repeal of any such provision shall not invalidate any other provision or authority contained in such law.

(b) As used in the resolution, the term "obligation" means an obligation (including every obligation of and to the United States, excepting currency) payable in money of the United States; and the term "coin or currency" means coins or currency of the United States including Federal Reserve Notes, notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations.

Sec. 2. The last sentence of paragraph (1) of subsection (b) of section 45 of the Act entitled "An act to relieve the existing national economic emergency by increasing agricultural purchasing power, to raise revenue for extraordinary expenses incurred by reason of such emergency, to provide emergency relief with respect to agricultural indebtedness, to provide for the orderly liquidation of joint-stock land banks, and for other purposes", approved May 18, 1928 is amended to read as follows:

"All coins and currencies of the United States (including Federal Reserve notes and circulating notes of the Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations) heretofore or hereafter coined or issued shall be legal tender for all debts, public and private, public charges, taxes, duties, and dues, except that gold coins, when below the standard weight and limit provided by law for the single piece, shall be legal tender only at valuation in proportion to their actual weight."

Approved, June 5, 1933, 4:40 PM

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Notice that this only applied to debts owed the government or

obligations the government had to others.

This had absolutely no impact on private transactions outside of direct connection to the United States government.

Also, I believe this was repealed, but I don't have the citation handy.


First about 1974 when it was once again legal for Americans to "Own" Gold and Gold coins, and when Ron Paul's bill passed in about 1984 allowing the U.S. Mint to once again mint Gold and Silver coins called "The American Eagle Series,"

It is also very legal for Americans to make contracts where payment in Gold/Silver is perfectly legal.

Please update your information Patriot1.

JUNE 5, 1933


That's right...For over 50 years...

Representative Ron Paul has been after those traitorous bankers and been a big burr in their saddle. He made it de-facto legal to trade in Gold & Silver.

Provided you don't try to re-determine the market value for your own gain....depending on the definition.

I bet Rothschild, Bronfman and Ratzinger have had nightmares about Paul ever since. A well known Representative who hasn't forgotten the treason of Nelson Aldrich. Imagine that...very rare in D.C.

I'd like to pay my taxes in blood

What's a pint of blood going for these days?

couldnt tell you


Turn Copper into gold http://UgetGold.com and see what it is all about!
You will need it if we dont get a President!

According to who.....Senator Nelson Aldrich?

According to our very US Constitution, Gold & Silver are the ONLY lawfully recognized legal tender.


That "law" above is nothing - except a UCC code.


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Nevada man paying in gold: IRS Helpless

Apparently the original link was deleted, but see comments from this 2008 thread posted by Cyric30.


He was convicted of attempting to defraud the United States

about a year ago I think.

His problem was he used the face value when it suited him, but the market value in FRNs (as if they equaled dollars) when it suited him. (like showing his income for a house loan)

It is true the IRS was powerless to stop him from paying the gold and silver coins, but he was doing so as a scheme that included exchanging them back for FRNs, and not simply doing business with gold and silver.

The basic idea is sound.

His implementation was fraudulent.

thanks for the link... Can you or one of the mods turn that

thread back on??

It is HIGHLY VALUABLE at this time.


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The thread has always been on, but the link to story is dead.

I believe that 'samadamscw' is right about this guy later going to jail, as he explains above.

Agreed...De-facto proof gold and silver are the only road.

They are the only recognized lawful currency by state governments. That says it all.

The others are "color of law" currency...and the Feds don't give a crap it it doesn't fit their Statist game.