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Disconnect your computer. Now!

A browser extension that stops major third parties and search engines from tracking the webpages you go to and searches you do



Kennish left Google in November to focus more on programs that empower people to take control of their privacy online.

"I had this holy-cow moment when I realized what was going on," Kennish said. "There's just so much unknown about what's being done with this data."

"I think there is a good reason to be concerned with it all and, frankly, to be fearful of it," he said.

Last week, he released a second browser extension, another tool for Google Chrome, called Disconnect. Once installed, the program blocks major internet companies, including Google, from installing cookies on -- and thus tracking -- a computer.

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Just buy a Mac

I can't tell you the last time I had to worry about my computer getting a virus. Many years ago.


Ummm, no it doesn't work with firefox....

I hope he updates his program so it does

Firefox needs it (although I am trying a different version from below)

Clean out cookies

I use Safari and "Reset Safari" several times a day which removes any cookies. Then I use Flush to remove any flash cookies also several times a day. Given Google's evil invasion of privacy as an apparent on-going corporate policy I wouldn't use any of their products if they paid me. Same for Microsoft. (Gates supposedly supports mass culling of the useless eaters.) If you use Word a lot check out OpenOffice which is a better quality program, is open source and FREE.

Years ago an email circulated (wish I'd kept that article) showed how there is a backdoor hardwired into every CPU chip. The moral of all this is never write anything (or visit any site) you don't want the world to know about.

Here's a

few snippets from a related article in my local newspaper today:

SAN FRANCISCO - Dozens of websites have been secretly harvesting lists of places their users previously visited online, everything from news articles to bank sites to pornography, a team of computer scientists found.
The information is valuable for con artists to learn more about their targets and send them personalized attacks. It also allows E-COMMERCE companies to adjust ad prices--for instance, if the site knows you've just come from a competitor that is offering a lower price.
The technique is called "history sniffing".
Federal regulators in the US are proposing a "Do Not Track" tool that would prevent advertisers from following consumers around online to sell them more products.
Internet companies are obsessed with tracking users' behavior so they can target their ads better...etc.
Here's how I feel: It's nobody's business where I've been online. I want my privacy respected. This is my computer; I paid for it. I pay my monthly ISP fees. Since I know this is occurring, quite possibly I will stop buying anything online--"you" wanna disrespect my privacy, I'm not about to give "you" a sale!
While I admit it's possible there are other "more sinister" reasons involved for tracking "us", the e-commerce reasons cited in the article at least seem "real" (imo).

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anyone ever tried using patriot internet services. if so how is it. here is the link

sorry, i haven't read the

sorry, i haven't read the articles yet, but it's obvious they are spying on people, disney is spying on people, my friend saw a fiber (fire?) tap drawn in the network engineering topology charts. the banks are spying on people and making good consumers of us...

So it's obvious we have to use this technology against them while we still can and not care whether we live or die when they bust down our doors, down the road. the important thing is to use this stuff while we still can, against them, and wake up the sheeple. wake those that want to be woken up.


computers security

I use Firefox, and I use a plug-in called "no script". It works well for filtering out these cookies. I also use AVG virus protection and scan my computer daily. It's shocking how many cookies and get caught in the scan, along with all kinds of Trojan Horses, Malware and Spyware.

this one??


just checkin

yea script blocker worked

yea script blocker worked wonders when I had firefox. Had some issues and couldn't start firefox anymore so I have to use Chrome. I use Spyware Doctor as my background protector, does a pretty good job most times.


The world is such a crazy place. How do we know this isn't a ruse by those sinister forces to actually extract *more* info? Or maybe it's just a way to get folks to switch to Google Chrome (instead of Firefox or IE)?

Maybe more people can chime in and help us all out. I mean, one guy makes a statement and we all swallow the pill?


what are you talking about? You don't have to use Chrome. I use FireFox. It works for FireFox. I don't use Google at all for searches. You don't have to use any of this. I just posted it because I thought it was cool. Some might think it was worthwhile. Its always best to do your own research of course.

Did you read the article and his blog or any of the links he provided below?

PS...The fact that you are still rockin' IE speaks volumes buddy.

DISCONNECT newsletter for those interested

Brian Kennish is the developer of Disconnect. He came over to the DP to answer some questions last night - scroll down:
Built-In Browser Features and Disconnect Differences
Submitted by Brian Kennish on Wed, 12/29/2010 - 12:37.

and he sent me this in an email today:

On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Brian Kennish wrote:

By the way, I'll be talking about a lot of these topics in detail in
the (monthly-ish) Disconnect Newsletter I'm doing (there's a signup
form at http://disconnectere.com/).

again...I don't know this guy from Adam...but he seems super cool from our brief emails and I'm glad that he's doing what he's doing.

Oh, FFS.

Oh, FFS. No. One more newsletter and I've had it.

Thanks for the info


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good stuff

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So i installed Google chrome

So i installed Google chrome to make this Disconnect thing work but i go to the provided link in the article and i don't seem able to install it. anybody know how to do this?

How to Install

You currently have to install Disconnect from Chrome (or RockMelt).

Same thing

I went into Google Chrome to install Firefox and Disconnect. However, going into Firefox there is nothing that shows I installed it. When I click on it it says Google Chrome has not been installed. Do you have to go through Google Chrome to use this? I don't even see how you can search via Google Chrome.


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See Above

For installation instructions.

Welcome to the DP

So what do you think so far?Thank you for coming and sharing your expertise Brian.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

If you like Google, use Starting Page as it

goes through the Google search engine, but protects your privacy. Or, if you would like to search multiple search engines at once, use Start Page. These are the only free search engines, that will protect your privacy. These are recommended by Dr. Katherine Albrecht, who's expertise is privacy, and the exposure of government/corporate intrusion methods. http://www.katherinealbrecht.com/
Starting Page is www.startingpage.com and Start Page is www.startpage.com

While startpage is good

While startpage is good I'm sceptical of anyone being pumped by the msm. Maybe I'm wrong but that set off a flag for me.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht, hopefully no relation to zio pig madeline albrecht.

reply to start page.

I too started using start page, but had reservations for the same reason. There aren't too many other options, unfortunately. At least with Firefox and the "No Script", plug-in, I can see the stuff that's trying to get in before it get's in. Give it a shot.
But I wouldn't use Google for anything if you don't have to.

Albrecht has been a leader for about a decade now in the

fight against privacy invasions from technology.

First, she tackled store 'loyalty' cards from supermarkets and other chains.

Then she realized RFID was the bigger threat and a larger piece of the puzzle.

She has endorsed StartPage/StartingPage/IxQuick and she promotes it, but I don't know how much more involved she is in it.

(IxQuicK is the company name and is the first incarnation of the search engine. StartPage is similar and rebranded with minor changes. StartingPage searches Google as a proxy for you similar to Scroogle)

I use both Start and Starting page searches as I usually like StartPage's results better, and only will resort to Google engines if I can't find what I'm looking for. (Google usually has more unrelated junk in their results)

Madeline Albright....

And apparently the two aren't related in any way.

Don't worry as I hate her too...Halfbright Albright should be in prison in paraguay.


startpage.com is also ixquick.com

both have http & https site versions (go with the https)

and if you use the google search on the top right in firefox - I recommend replacing it with https ixquick


granted alot of people probably will be spoiled by google and not like it but to me it's worth it

And for those folks still using IE, at least as of version 8

you can add IxQuick, StartPage, StartingPage to your list of search bar options also.

Safari is a one at a time deal though and requires a plug-in to change it. (unless you can hack the binary yourself, then there are instructions for that too)

Ix quick and starting page

These engines are new to me, but you can bet I'm gonna give them a try. Thank You.
Does anyone have an opinion on No Script for Firefox?
I'd like to know what people think about it.

Thank you

just added it.