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Daily Paul personality profiles?

Okay, I thinK it'd be cool if we found out what kind of personalities we've got here. I'm an INFJ/INTJ and I'm curious how many of us are INFJ because it's so rare. They say INFJ's make up 1-2% of the population. I'm also gay which means I'm a unicorn. Anyway, I'd like everyone to take the personality test and list their numbers and personality type. http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm

Understanding this kind of think has helped me to understand why I think the way I do. I recommend everyone take the test, especially young peoples. Either way it does help identify what you might be best at doing for the cause. For instance, as an INFJ, I'd be better off being the COUNSELOR of a political candidate, rather the candidate as I'm not an E. I hate dealing large groups of people. These tests seem legit to me as everyone I've tried this with it has pegged.


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That's a good and accurate description

I am reading book on the legal background of Money in the US. Free download from Mises.


Free includes debt-free!

The Constitution only calls for States to use Gold & Silver Coin

Including the Federal State, I would argue.

Because gold and silver have been Money for thousands of years, it keeps government from being snookered into taking worthless or risky assets.

If government cheats the Coin used to pay taxes then they cheat themselves.

We are free to use competing currencies in private dealings.

Hoarding is a none issue, it can't be used to create profits unless people are fooled.

Those that want your gold will chide you for hoarding it. Why not?

If owning gold is foolish, why do the wealthy collect it?

Free includes debt-free!

The biggest problem is ensuring people aren't fooled....

The media are really slippery silver tongued devils aren't they....always "harping" about the value of Gold, with the intention of producing an outcome!

And yes the Constitution mandates coin as tender....Including Gold, Silver, Platinum & metals used only to pay down debt.

That is real easy to fix, because we have more than enough metal mines to pay down debt.

The only major problem is ensuring the people aren't fooled....

We don't need some kind of nationalized currency if everyone is free to choose their currency at will....

The only major problem is ensuring the people aren't fooled....

And that is their problem. A fool and their Money are soon parted.

Free includes debt-free!

The "T" stand for "Thinking"

I'm an INTJ.

Here's a Wikipedia article.


would I be remiss, if I supposed,

such things cannot be qauntified?

I got your "humanmeticts" swinging dude.

while I applaude your efforts here. why is your sexuality at the forefront?

it is nice that you are a unicorn. mebbe you and this guy might get along?


Gave it a shot...


You should run for Senate

You should run for Senate then.

Who knows....

Maybe if enough brainwashed hypo-crites wake up around this here stomping ground I'll do just that.....

It takes a unified front, to get onto TV!!

I bring it up


Ah the Jungian temperaments.


Free includes debt-free!


INTJ here. judgement only at 1% , the other areas are much heavier weighted for me though.

I had 1% judgement too. I'm

I had 1% judgement too. I'm curious to see how many introverts we have.