Ron Paul On Air With Jennifer Horn WSMN Nashua

While sitting with Ron at lunch he asked if I'd heard the radio interview that he'd done that morning...

I hadn't because that morning I'd been putting signs out at other stops and picking up the surprise birthday cake...and we were still eating so I did not want to tell him about the cake. I said I was not aware he was doing that show live, so I would find it on podcast..

Here it is...



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Looks like we "farked" this site. Is there a mirror?

Gotta laugh at Huckabee. "I

Gotta laugh at Huckabee.

"I don't think the Federal government's involvement is a major problem with education."

"The federal government should never tell states how to run education."

"A big part of the solution is increasing the amount of art and music classes in the schools."

Not exact quotes, but those were three ideas he put out. He should at least try to contradict himself in different speeches.