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1943 Disney - Pay your Income Taxes


Donald Duck ...Too funny


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Less than 1% federal income

Less than 1% federal income tax?

Those were the days

To quote the Bunkers lol


Walt Disney Is A Hero For The Ages

But he was surrounded by hyenas (ie. the other studios). Amazing what the man accomplished given the playing field he was dealing with.

Walt Disney was just as bad as the whole globalist cartel...

They were part of the scam, just opted to tell you in secret why you should pay them taxes. Read up on all the history you missed including the ugly parts.

Disney was no better.

Sorry, Walt was the King

I understand your concern about taxes. I can't stand excessive government either. I was commenting more on the individual's career than any association with the tax movement.

Yep ...All too true.

A shame that most of his movies had secret satanic symbols in them & other garbage that has no place in kids films.

But he could always make everyone laugh.


And when did those messages begin appearing? Way, way after the old man had passed away. That's when all the hyenas moved in. And who are those hyenas and what exactly did they believe in?

wow..it is too funny..it is

wow..it is too funny..it is your duty to pay taxes to buy bullets and airplanes...at least they were being honest and telling the public that is what they are paying for

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32


I like how they brought the radio to life....that was well done.