One Family’s Effort Ships 1,000 Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

INDIANAPOLIS – August 21, 2007 – In July, Jeff and Amy Ready decided it was time to spread the word about the Ron Paul presidential campaign. The husband and wife team launched a simple website at http://RonPaul.SquareSpac... and from it, began sending free bumper stickers to Ron Paul supporters all over the country.

“When we would talk to people about the presidential election, the first question we would usually get was ‘Who is Ron Paul?’ A few minutes later, those same people were fired up to support Ron Paul,” Ready said.

From those conversations, the concept for the free bumper sticker project was born. “Ron Paul has a powerful message that hits home with a lot of Americans. Providing bumper stickers seemed like an easy, cost-effective way of getting people to seek an answer to the question: ‘Who is Ron Paul?’ From there, we let Dr. Paul’s platform and track record speak for itself.”

From their basement in Greenwood, Indiana, Jeff and Amy began stuffing envelopes and sending stickers on July 6th. During the first 24 hours, they received requests for sixty bumper stickers. Now, they’ve sent over 1,100. “We started with one-hundred bumper stickers, and thought if we sent all those, the project would be a success. The well wishes and support to keep the campaign going has been overwhelming, and it’s been a real treat to communicate with so many different Ron Paul supporters from all over the country.”

The couple plans to continue the project for as long as they can sustain it. More information is available at http://RonPaul.SquareSpac..., or by email at