Ron Paul Supporters at Sean Hannity Freedom Concert Texas

Pizza God sends the following pictures & report from the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert in Texas:

Here is a short video of the sign wave:

Below is a great article about the event:

"We’re the only president candidate [support] group out here. That says something about the people who support Ron Paul," said Dan Turney, 27, of Arlington. "The message must be good because we’re out here in 108-degree heat."

Read the whole article here...

Thank you Pizza God!

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I have voted Republican all my life. I am 51. I voted when I was 18 for the first time. I wish then I had of known what I know now. Please forgive me. I'm a convert of only a little over a month.

My conversion story:

I of course was watching the Republican Debates and was curious about Ron Paul. Well when Ron Paul had answered a couple of questions I agreed with him. He sounded good.

Well, when Guilliani jumped over the (9/11, Iraq) question well I didn't quite physically hear everything that Dr. Paul had said.
At first I thought the Guilliani was great but I really have struggled with who to vote for since I had recently figured out the North American Union and Immigration link. I also was reading about the truth about what Neo-Cons believe. So later that night I was watching good old Sean Hannity who I have always liked but when the Debate Poll came in and RON PAUL blew everybody away and Sean Hannity was left Speechless which I was as well.
I decided to review the question (Online) that Guilliani jumped Ron Paul about. I must have watched that clip 10 times. Ding Ding Ding the light came on. I then began to watch more and more of Ron Paul videos. Wow he believe very close to the way I did. He also had views that just provoked me to investigate about the Constitution. I found the Republican party HAD LOST THEIR WAY!!! He was more Republican than any other candidate.


Well, I am now one of several Dallasforronpaul Meetup members that will be an outside organizer for the Dallas StrawPoll and you know what We are going to WIN and WIN BIG!!!! Our Team is READY!

Funny thing is I was really going to leave the Republican party but I have one Republican that needs my help and I will be there Friday and Saturday all day to make sure I give him the best support to win this Texas StrawPoll.


Don Preston

One strange sentence in article

"He would replace the federal income tax along with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with tariffs on foreign goods."
Mistake or misundestanding?

That's exactly right.......

True to form, Rep. Paul spoke correctly.......the Constitutional writers were adamant, (and I would underline adamant if I could), about the methods available for the federal government to raise funds for its daily operations. Of course the first travesty is that because of circumvention of the Constitution, our Fed is bloated way beyond its intended size. There was to be no need for the federal income tax or federal reserve. Your history book will show that the federal income tax came along the same year as the federal reserve came into full operation........and just a short period comes WW1. I don't think all of this was by coincidence. If anybody can straighten our our government, it's Rep. Paul. Why? Because he sticks to the original rule book - - the Constitution of the United States!

alan laney

okBut what about "[replacing IRS] with tariffs on foreign goods"

I've heard and read many ( ) RP speeches&interviews and he always talks against protectionism..

what a rush

like the article quoted me, every time someone drove by and honked or gave us the thumbs up sign, it got your heart pumping. There is more support for Ron Paul out there than we realize.

Out of the people who gave us thumbs up or down, it was close like 40-50 percent were thumbs up. What really got me was when the passenger gave one and the driver gave the other.

It seemed like not a minuet went by without a favorable honk. But of course we got a few that told us we were number 1.

Great report Pizza God

Great to hear that we are gaining ground out on the front lines!

Your heart pumping was that almost lost feeling of HOPE. We now have "Hope For America".

It is great to be an American. BELIEVE.

200% in 108-degree heat!

Great job everyone! Thanks for the photos and video!