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Anyone heard about investing in the dinar?

My brother called me and said hes doing his due diligence by telling me this. The dinar is supposed to go up 1000% soon. You have to spend at least 200$ to order them by routing to your bank account (?) money order or check (?). The site to do this is dinartrade.com. He heard this from several people one being an international businessman. Buy the rumor sell the news. Penny for your thoughts.

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I'm glad I refrained

My first and second tours there, it was all the rave. "Get dinars because once we finish here, the oil and the economy will skyrocket the price!"

Being versed in economics and having the common LOGIC that most did not, I did not invest. At the time, I could see the situation going nowhere and becoming a stalemate, or the plan would fail altogether and the Dinar idea would melt away.

Well- several years later, I was glad I paid attention. The dinar is TP just like any other paper currency.

my two cents

I had a classmate in college who took international finance with me. He was an Iraq war vet and he used to tell people to buy the iraq currency during our occupation because it would be revalued someday at a much better price. I however am not that big a risk taker.

So do we know anything more about this?

Well different people I know are running out to get these from dinartrade.com

So what are the chances this curency will be worth anything?

Which Dinar

Perhaps your brother was referring to the Indonesian Dinar and Dirham but NOT the Iraqi Dinar.

Indonesia Dinar and Dirham, gold and silver:

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Bad idea

...very little potential upside. Heavy on the downside. Buy metals. If you get gold or silver...take physical...no paper contracts. Good Luck.

Your Brother May Be Right !

Here is a video in a place where the Dinar/Durham is already being used in everyday life:


Now, for Americans to be able to use Dinars/Durhams the legal tender laws may have to be dropped. However, I imagine right now coin collectors will exchange dollars for Gold Dinars/Silver Durhams by metal content and weight.

This should be major news, but as usual the mainstream news has nothing on it ? ? ?


Thanks for everyones responses.

Cool video those people from India ?) talk like they have been hanging out at the dailypaul.

I bought a whole bunch years

I bought a whole bunch years ago..spent 500.00 on a million or so..then my cleaning lady stole them..plus my liberty dollars.

That's the biggest problem...

where to keep it.

crickett.... did you track her down???

and get them back?

or did she like completely disappear??

You mean Paper Dinar? Or Gold Dinar?

Yes, invest in Gold. Good idea. Invest in a different Fiat Paper Currency? No, do not do that.

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Invest in Your Community


Jack Wagner

Which dinar?



I hate to break the news to

I hate to break the news to you, the Dinar has already been trashed and burned. The Dinar is worth .00098 to a Dollar.

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The Iraqi dinar is a fiat

The Iraqi dinar is a fiat currency also. Politicians can open up the floodgates to inflation whenever they choose.

Holy shit I was going to post the same comment

LOL you beat me to it

I was going to invest but changed my mind

Here is my response I was writing up

Iraq Dinar facts

The USA holds 50 billion Dinars in our Central Bank. We use that money as leverage to force the Al-Maliki government to allow us keep troops in Iraq and control their airspace. If Iraq Dinar grows 1,000% to 50,000,000,000,000 that is 3X our current national debt or 3X our GDP. If Iraq ever wants independence or the US gets pissed off or financially pressured we could dump that money back into the Iraq economy and cripple their currency.

Iraq is strongly Shiite. When the geniuses removed the secular Sadam we basically turned Iraq into a puppet state of Iran, which is also largely Shiite. What is interesting is that Iran is hording gold. Iran being the most religious of the Muslim States is looking to join other Muslims States that have made the transition to a gold Dinar. The gold Dinar is considered an inherent part of the third pillar of Islam.

The question then arises what is more likely to occur. Iraq says F.U. to us, and our black mail and either has a military uprising and institutes a new currency, Iraq follows the Koran and their brothers by saying F.U. to us and institutes a gold standard, or Iraq stabilizes becomes the largest free, prosperous, and diverse Muslim State ever and their currency expands 10,000%?

Another relevant detail, considering Sadam was our ally during most of butchering, it is often argued that the US invasion of Iraq was inspired by the Oil for Food program in Iraq. If there is a currency that is tied to oil it is the US dollar. When oil is traded it is always in dollars. When Iraq traded oil for food instead of dollars it damaged the US dollar’s place as the world currency.

What would be the domestic ramifications of high valued Iraqi Dinar. Would the US dollar need to be replaced as the world’s currency if Iraq goes on an oil standard? If the US dollar is replaced who in their right mind would purchase in dollars the Dinar we are trying to sell?

Language suggests that the Iraq Central bank is FedRes member

To become a member requires a deposit made to reserve. A guaranteed 6% profit after expenses.

Free includes debt-free!


up a few million a few years back for short $. We shall see.

I had people telling me

the same thing 3 years ago.
They also said that there was some kind of "need" to go thru some certain "special brokers" or something too.

It smelled like a scam to me then, and it seems like one now too.

Same old story, "they are going to re-value the dinar, and it's going to be pegged 1000% higher, and if you get in heavy right now you will make enough money to retire".

I agree. I heard this same

I agree. I heard this same line about 2 years back. I looked into it and everything looked like a scam. Not interested.

a very good frind of mine

a very good frind of mine told me about this I was going to call him tomorrow and see what is shakin.