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Rand Paul on the Shooting in Arizona

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"We have had 39 deficits in 47 fiscal years since 1931. The annual spending total has gone up from 3.6 billion to 401.9 billion - 112 times as much- in 1977. Yet the argument that we must KEEP ON BALANCING this multiplied spending by equally multiplying taxation continues to be regularly put forward. THE ONLY REAL SOLUTION IS TO START SLASHING THE SPENDING BEFORE IT DESTROYS THE ECONOMY."
If we balance 2011 budget only to INCREASE 2012 budget....we have necessarily negated the function of balancing the budget in the first place.

Hazlitt goes on to say "Government borrowing competes with and crowds out private capital investment and so RETARDS economic growth". "Yet government deficits and spending keep increasing year by year. Why? Chiefly because they serve the IMMEDIATE interests of politicians seeking votes, but also because the public still for the most part accepts a set of sophisticated rationalizations"

Rand insinuates that if we take in 200 billion a month lets spend 200 billion. We do know that we currently are in a depression and we do know that we take in 200 billion dollars. Is there any relation between the 2 or are they mutually exclusive?
Let's make a fiscally radical move and listen to HAZLITT...slash the government spending which necessarily "crowds out" free market capital investment. If we direct more capital towards government, it is impossible to grow the private economy...the 2 are inversely related.
We need to decrease domestic consumption and increase domestic savings. The opposite is true for our foreign neighbors. Let's do what China did to us; build an economic infrastructure that dictates massive foreign consumer spending and liquidates those citizens savings. Ultimately we want economic homeostasis, but the scales have been tipped for so long, we need Chinese citizens (and every one else) to release their savings on goods that we must start producing!
In order to bring back prosperity, REDUCE the current budget substantially and then FREEZE that nominal number for the next X years. Next, if we currently bring in 200 billion per month, let's take in X% LESS and of THAT number lets spend less as to balance the budget. Once the reduced budget is balanced let's take a look at our economy. If we are still struggling it is obvious that government spending takes up too much capital, thus we will continually reduce the budget until our economy is thriving and our derivative government needs are met.

I disagree Rand.

As to the debt ceiling being raised ONLY if there is an iron clad rule to ..."

The debt ceiling must NOT be raised. Period.

Ron Paul is My President

Won't get there

We'll get the "Balanced Budget Amendment" compromise, forcing a balanced budget to be voted on because the Republican chair is not going to stand up to the Democratic Party leaders.

The Democratic Party will have the Republican chair giving them what they wanted, and the Republican chair will receive the blame for sending the ship off a cliff.

Do we have the votes to Lower

Do we have the votes to Lower it? I don't think there are enough new people there to fight the battle that we want. While he may vote against it, the time is not ready yet. Even though it "should" be, unfortunately it doesn't look like it.

I noticed that one also...


I thought the idea was to NOT raise it ever, in fact eventually LOWER it?

I must say this is very sad to hear from Rand. Why do I get the feeling nothing is ever going to change.

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The Constitution is a parchment barrier

This is Congress.
There is no such thing as an "ironclad" rule.

So that should mean that Rand will vote against raising the debt limit.

They better start cutting spending now!!!!

So we don't default on our Constitutional obligations.

Free includes debt-free!

Don't allow them to raise it, period

That's the only way the Constitution is followed.

That's exactly why its the only acceptable answer.

Thanks Bobby

Thanks for posting Bobby.

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