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The Youthful Fuel for the Peaceful [RON PAUL] Revolution

During his 2008 presidential campaign, Ron Paul, never failed to mention the importance young people played in his hope for a better future for America. In every one of his speeches and interviews he would always use the words, “and especially the young people”. Paul has stated that it is a key strategy because young people tend to be more open-minded and aren’t so stubborn to cling to outmoded establishment beliefs. This is where the Young Americans for Liberty and their new initiative, “Year of Youth” can be essential.

The stated goal of the “Year of Youth” is:



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just joined

Looks like a great concept. I think YAL has the resources and skills to make a huge impact in the coming election cycle.

This is probably the best approach for anyone under 30. No party divisions, just unite the youth as much as possible under Dr. Paul's banner.