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How The Fed Spent $2 Trillion And In Exchange We Got 650,000 Temp Jobs

When we looked at the changing composition in the US work force one month ago, we discovered, to our dismay, that since the start of the Depression, the US labor pool has transformed substantially from a full-time time to an increasingly more part-time dominated one. Specifically we found that "America has lost 10.5 million full time jobs, offset by a 2.8 million increase in part time jobs" and that "the US not only lost 478k seasonally adjusted full time workers in November but has lost full time jobs for 6 months in a row, for a total of 1.6 million job losses!" In an attempt to further refine this number, we present some TrimTabs data which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Fed's QE (1, Lite, and 2) efforts, when expressed in labor force "pick up" has been an abysmal failure. To wit: "In 2010, the BLS reports that the economy added 1.12 million jobs. Almost 60% of these jobs are in one of three relatively low-paying areas—temporary employment (308,000), leisure & hospitality (240,000), and retail trade (116,000)." In other words, of the 1.1 million private jobs gained in the last year, 650,000 or 60% are jobs that have absolutely no real wealth creation capacity, nor do they provide any real benefits. In fact, the retail jobs are becoming increasingly distressed, as more Americans shop online, leading to a job pickup... in Chinese warehousing and QC plants, and the irretrievable loss of even the lowest paying US jobs. Perhaps this is another question to add to the increasing list of lies to be justified by Ben Bernanke at earliest convenience. And the next time the teleprompter claims to have added millions in jobs, and that very inappropriately named Fed "Dove" Janet Yellen says the Fed's QE has been a tremendous job creation success, someone please ask them to break down the actual types of jobs "created."

From TrimTabs:


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Speaking of jobs, or should I say lack thereof.

The Labor Department said 445,000 people applied for unemployment benefits last week, up from a revised total of 410,000 the previous week. It was the highest level since late October. Many retailers eliminated temporary holiday workers, driving the increase.


Janet Yellen

Nothing but a Yeller for the felons.

Fuzzy math for all, every day in the fall.

The Reserves go dry and now we can't find anymore of the Gold...time to eat some humble pie.


Don't buy Government bonds: QE2 will Quantum Ease you

love that website

Thanks Bobby.

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Why is it that people want the government to do nothing

but then complain they aren't doing enough or doing what they're doing "right"? Personally, I don't want the government creating jobs because it's not their job to do so. We created 535 jobs a long time ago and in my opinion it's not going well.
Slaves are funny creatures; unhappy about being slaves yet fully dependent on massa to solve all life's problems.