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Chuck Baldwin: 'We know there's a fight coming'


A standing-room-only crowd came to hear former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin speak Tuesday night.

The Outlaw Inn event, sponsored by the Flathead Liberty Bell group, was the first public speech Baldwin has made since moving to the Flathead Valley from Pensacola, Fla., late last year.

Baldwin, 58, told attendees why he believes Montana is “the tip of the spear” when it comes to fighting for constitutionally protected freedoms.

“The people here have a hunger and thirst for freedom unlike anywhere else in the United States,” he said.

Baldwin spoke and answered questions from the audience for 80 minutes.

“We are on the precipice of history being changed,” he said. “Our days in which we live today are tantamount to the days of 1775 and 1776. These are history-changing days. You don’t have to be a prophet to see the handwriting on the wall. If you’re over 35 or 40 years of age and don’t see that something’s wrong and something’s got to change ... then you shouldn’t be walking around,” he said.

Baldwin referred to the recent shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others in Tucson, Ariz., with a veiled reference to the Second Amendment’s “right to bear arms” as a means of self-defense:

“I pity the poor fool who would come here in this audience tonight and try that,” he said.

Baldwin pastored a Bapist church in Florida but gave that up along with a radio show to move his family to the Treasure State. “I am absolutely convinced that God is doing something special in Montana,” he said.

“We know there’s a fight coming. We know there’s a line being drawn in the sand. We want to be on good ground. It’s right here in Montana.”

Noting he “escaped” Florida, Baldwin added, “There’s a lot of people who are looking to escape the tyranny and despotism where they are.”


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I like Chuck Baldwin, and I don't know what to think--

Montana has as many issues as any other state; I don't think they are on a 'higher' plane.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Good luck, Chuck! Montanans

Good luck, Chuck!

Montanans tend to strike me as unusually concerned about liberty as well, but then they end up electing someone like Baucus.

Let's hope what led to that problem, is simply that a minority of well connected statists have been able to beat a solid majority of freedom lovers, simply on account of the latter having had noone focusing their efforts, and that Baldwin will change that.

Montana tossing out Senator Baucus for Senator Baldwin would certainly bring even more liberty lovers to that otherwise seemingly liberty minded state.

Not to generalize...but

the vast majority of pastors and psychologists I've met seem to be using their "desire to help people" as some kind of means to bury and avoid addressing their own shortcomings. I was skeptical about Baldwin, just because he was a "pastor," you know the guy who is supposed to take care of his flock and be committed to them. What do you know, he didn't have what it takes to stick with them.

What a bunch of worthless busybodies. Social workers tend to fit the mold too. No offense carpavel and all the others I've offended. But it's something to think about.

I've thought about it.

And I've decided that you aren't worth listening to.

i still met a few people on

i still met a few people on the road who haven't heard of ron paul. a great amount of those people are black... too, i think, like they are being kept in the dark, no puns, i'm sorry... i mean... other people as well, haven't heard of ron paul... but if black people don't see an alternative to obama, i worry that this will happen again, and again.... since there is still that opportunity to disassociate oneself from oneself and still feel that one holds unlimited power over people if they feel like they should live vicariously by those means. it's a sickness in all americans, that since their military wages war and destroys millions & millions of lives, they somehow love that sense of power it brings. Change.... & Hope.... needs a real alternative.... & the shame is not many black people have heard of ron paul.... or alex jones... and they would be the first to realize the best of us vs. the bestial side from the bankers....

Some people are too far gone, anyways... 29% always liked Bush, no matter what he did. 29% of our population are reptilians.... so there are still people that can still be woken up, & that is more urgently needed... just as learning about how to be a delegate, which Josh & i should do.


we will pay for our

we will pay for our ignorance....

Some people robbed from me in cumberland, md, a few days ago...

& they are too far gone, to even think about Ron Paul & his campaign against the federal reserve... and they take all their vaccinations and have a high fluoridated water level in their drinking water. They are still akin to money & survival as times get tough,... and they will willingly go to the f.e.m.a. camps when their time comes...

It's too much... without trying to write anything more personal... but i hope you guys can start talking to black people more about ron paul....instead of hanging out in your protective bubbles...like for what happened last election cycle...

Josh and i need to start going through ghettos, distributing alex jones dvds and bastiat essays, in essence. it's our fault ron paul did not win. i'm sorry.


We can't "save" everyone...

Just remember there's going to be african americans who give up for whatever reason, we can't save those folks.

All you can do and remember, is to give them the Liberty message and let them hear it.

i slept last night at a truck

i slept last night at a truck station, and could hear a man upstairs, ranting, but not getting everything exactly accurate, it seems the banking cabal is still able to hide behind the gov. and obama and the frills of our media where they can still remain in the shadows. i was too tired, i needed to sleep, otherwise, i would have gone upstairs and made a nuisance to myself to all the truckers... it takes a long time to come to these realizations oneself... and one will be completely lost w/out someone to wake him up,- if one never reads!

People don't read! and then there are a sea of books which one may never have the taste to look through if one begins one's literary interest w/ stephen king and ends it there....

there is too much ignorance, still among us.... it's bloody bizarre, even after all these years, but alex jones says people are beginning to wake up, but others are still laughing at those people.... like the people who wake up are instantly ridiculed by everyone else.

you reap what you sow.


It sounds like Dr Baldwin

is getting the welcome he deserves in Montana!

I was looking for more news on this, thanks LL :)

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!


Thanks for the bump.
It was Chuck's first speech in Montana and it was nice to see the wonderful feedback he received.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Its the States vs Washington..

Valley Forge all over again.

As each state begins employing Currency Competition, Washington may get nervous.

But now that we have people in D.C. throughout all parts of the GOP and some Tea Party Democrats, Washington better be worried.

Real Worried

Their false-flag attacks on everybody & Cap and Trade agenda type crap stops now. I'm sure one of these multinational banks would just love to set off a weapon, but they're playing the wrong crowd.

Some state just needs to guts

Some state just needs to guts up and tell the feds that if they want their taxes and levies, they have to come get them themselves; as in send in the FBI. States have more important services to render to their citizens than acting as an enforcer for the Potomac Mob.

As long as such an outsized share of people's economic output needs to be paid to the feds in Fed Dollars, leaving Fed Notes behind once and for all is just not practically possible.