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Black Sea bird death mystery solved: They Were Drunk!

An alcoholic drink may be needed while reading this very short story.

Bird death mystery solved: they 'drank' themselves to death
Authorities in Romania say dozens of starlings died of alcohol poisoning, not avian flu as feared.

5:20PM GMT 12 Jan 2011

Romeu Lazar, the executive director of the veterinary health department in the Black Sea port of Constanta said on Wednesday a post-mortem revealed the birds ate grape residue that had fermented and their bodies could not handle the alcohol.

He says they did not have avian flu, which hit the area several years ago.

Constanta residents found dozens of dead birds on the outskirts of the city last week. The reports come as other, larger bird deaths were reported in the United States and elsewhere.

Scientists say mass deaths of wildlife happen regularly, and are usually unrelated and unreported.


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