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Michael of MoxNews gives his insight about the media blaming Sarah Palin for the Tuscon Tragedy!

Michael, owner of MoxNews, does a video blog giving his insight on why he feels Sarah Palin is being scapegoated by the media over the Tuscon Tragedy. Excellent insight, and a point of view I didn't think of.


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he is doing a lot of great work on youtube.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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Video has surfaced, when will it be released?


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You bring up some good questions.

I remember also. how some kept calling for Assassination of that one fellow and thought it odd at the time but I don't think it was by mistake it was by design to get people into the mind set that killing is ok.

Palin only says what she is told to say so she is no scapegoat she is a "useful idiot". Her job I see is to continue to discredit the teaparty movement that was leading towards Ron Paul.

You give doctors to much credit that young man may have been much worse if given heavy doses of medication that has side effects one of which is violence.

I also think it is strange that there is no video of the shooting from anyone. I have many suspicions of that incident and it appears to me more of a black-ops operations than a random mentally ill individual.

We have to pay close attention because the man is still alive and a liability if this really was a staged event.
People are more suspicious and the leads will be found and the truth exposed. I hope.

Another thing worth mentioning is like 9-ll they are implementing more laws that will lock down the public's freedoms THIS is what the point of the whole operations was in the first place. IMO

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Thanks Moxy! Many valid

Thanks Moxy!

Many valid points you raise, thanks for the video, many will watch this ;).

OT: I wish Ron Paul would address the health care with specific examples so people can understand better. I mean, I understand him but a lot of people don´t and if he can talk clearly on this he will get into a whole nother realm of voters.

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Michael, you are correct

The media is closing ranks around itself. They need a scapegoat - anyone will do, even (especially) media darling Sarah Palin. The bigger they come, the harder they fall, the louder the splash and that will give another huge "thing" to talk about - a great diversion. In the ever present Media Circus, everyone is disposable.

"Thanks for the entertainment Sarah, thanks for the laughs. We're going to have to sacrifice you now."

There is no incentive for the media to take responsibility for its own irresponsibility.

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Well said Michael. And is

Well said Michael. And is Michael from MoxNews a member at DP? I could have sworn I've seen him here before but I could be wrong.

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MoxNews Mike, I think your insightful observation is. . .

right on the mark that the government (with the full cooperation of MSM) IS intentionally and strategically repeating the mantra to go ahead and assassinate Assange with a vague accusation that he is "a danger to our country". . . even though, and perhaps especially BECAUSE, there's absolutely NO legal basis to charge him with.

Where are the photos/video?

I hadn't thought about that.