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And heres why
We moved to Oklahoma..was homeless for a while but did find a place in time.
Also in that month..we got insurance there (because I needed a legal document..so said the Ok post office..to prove I was real to open a box there..my NCDL and SS card where not enough...really)
12-2009..my husband registered the car in OK..it was time to do it anyway.
The OKDMV told us we DID NOT HAVE TO SEND BACK THE NC TAG)...boy was they wrong.
Now..he re-registered the car here in NC 12-2010...but our tag has been flagged...
He was told..after several calls to find out wtf is going on..to prove we had insurance on and before 11-2009....PROVED IT!!!
Heres what they told me today.
Even though we lived in OK..and had insurance there..we did NOT cover the full amount we would have to have in NC because the car was registered here..
(do y'all smell bullchit by now?)
The insurance we got out in OK has offices here..when we got it there..the lady said we would have NO PROBLEMS..She was WRONG.
Now my husband has to have an over the phone hearing..which to the NCDMV is just like going to court..(thats what the DMV told me today)
He faces either:loosing the tag for 30 days (which will loose us his income)
or-between 100.00-2500.00 in fines
plus court cost
Now..the car is in his name only...and he wont use the 'I dont need a tag or license' defence.
So..what do I do?
Thank you all ahead of time.
God bless you all.