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Father a Victim of the Court System Matrix


AUSTIN (KXAN) - A father from Hutto is searching for his missing daughter, 17, and facing hundreds of dollars a day in fines from the court because she is missing school.

Michael Moreno said he has not seen his daughter since Dec. 3, when school officials at Hutto High School told him she left school during her seventh-period class. She has not been back home or back to school since that day.

"For her not to get off at the bus stop, within 15 minutes I knew something was wrong," said Michael Moreno. "It's kind of hard, you know, she's our little daughter."

But Moreno also knew his daughter had been skipping school. There was a warrant out for her arrest on truancy charges. And even though he believes she ran away on her own, he put up "Missing" flyers all over town.

"It's just hard with the truancy, you know, as far as kids going to school, they think it's a joke, you know -- it's not a joke," said Moreno.

Last week, a truancy court judge in Williamson County told Moreno he would have to pay $500 each day for every day his daughter was not in school.


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That $500 per day fine must

That $500 per day fine must have been written for the specific purpose of forcing children of poor parents to drop out of school.


I hope he finds his daughter

What gives the States the right these days to be able to fine parents for missing school?

When did the government become the authority over the parents in how the child is allowed to be educated?


I wonder if they suspect

she was home the whole time?

Anyway, I'm not for compulsory attendance, but I didn't think any state held 17 year olds to it, anyway.

Defend Liberty!

I find that since the

I find that since the daughter was at school when she left, and that she was under the care and responsibility of the school, that they are in fact the ones responsible for her being missing and I as the parent would hold the school accountable to the full extent of the law.
If they want to tell the parents that they can't authorize control over a child at school..Example: take a cough drop or tylenol with parental permission from earlier that morning...
then let them have it in this case.

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John 8:32

Thanks for your comment

good points!

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