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Our Supreme Law & UCMJ: Facts About Barack Obama's Birth Certificate & Political Prisoner, Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin

The following is an email I just sent to Major General Horst requesting that he release Lt. Colonel Terrance Lakin, who has become a political prisoner of Barack Obama for asking that Obama comply with our Constitution, proving his orders are lawful by providing his credentials to serve as our President and Commander in Chief under our law - in the form of his Birth Certificate.

You can find out more about Lt. Colonel Lakin and support him here: http://www.terrylakinactionfund.com

Specific details on writing or calling in support of Lt. Colonel Lakin are here: http://www.terrylakinactionfund.com/freeterry.html

Please feel free to forward this on to anyone you think might be interested in defending our law and Constitution.

Dear Major General Horst,

You have the power, authority, and opportunity to make a difference at this point in time and be recorded in history as defending our rule of law and UCMJ when very few dared. If you don't, it is very unlikely that anyone else of such significance in our military will at this time. You are in a position to write history and be remembered as someone that dared to stand up, help point out the obvious, and defend our rule of law against all political resistance.

Please help defend our Constitution. That is our ultimate responsibility and duty. We are sworn to defend it. There is no higher authority in our nation.

The President is different from you, in that he is not only a military commander, but also our public servant. He literally serves all of us as President. We are his employers, and our highest law has only three basic and unique job requirements of our President and Commander in Chief. One job requirement is that he be a natural born citizen, born of citizen parents, so that our Commander in Chief owes no immediate allegiance to any foreign nation, or the nation of a parent. It is the only job in our government that has this requirement.

The facts;

  • It is a fact, that as the employers of our President, numerous Americans have requested that Barack Obama provide his credentials proving he meets our job requirements for President and Commander in Chief under our law.

    • [Since we the people are our President's employers, if even one of us asks for credentials, then they must be provided. Imagine a truck driver that refused to provide one of his employers with a required drivers license. He would be immediately fired. In the military, we are all required to provide numerous credentials and meet numerous job requirements, or we are not even accepted in the first place. The problem is, there is no authority to demand the President's credentials, except for we the people ourselves. This authority has been exercised by numerous Americans now and Barack Obama has refused to even provide his Birth Certificate as proof of eligibility.]
  • It is a fact that Barack Obama has refused and failed to provide his Birth Certificate to the American people as requested. The only document that he has released to the people is a Certificate of Live Birth, which is not a Birth Certificate and does not provide any verifiable witness.

    • [The State of Hawaii has confirmed that Barack Obama has a Birth Certificate on record, and the Certificate of Live Birth is evidence of this, but a Certificate of Live Birth, or a mere confirmation that a Birth Certificate exists on record, does not provide verifiable evidence of legitimacy, nor that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen - only that he has a Birth Certificate filed on record. At the time that Barack Obama's Birth Certificate was filed in Hawaii, the state was doing so based merely upon the statement of one relative. Absent the Birth Certificate itself, the eligibility of our President is currently based upon the statement of a relative.]

In any other circumstance, a fellow military officer requesting that the President provide his credentials before orders are carried out would be inappropriate and unlawful and should be punished under our UCMJ; unfounded requests would lead to disorder and a lack of discipline. However, given the above two facts and the President's continued refusal to provide his employers and officers with his credentials, it has never been more appropriate than at any time in the history of our nation. Requesting that Barack Obama provide us with his credentials is not only founded, but our duty at this point. If the President is not eligible, then his orders are unlawful. We all have a duty to disobey unlawful orders under our UCMJ.

Regarding the recent case, the UCMJ was not followed, likely due to political pressure;


The trial counsel, the defense counsel, and the court-martial shall have equal opportunity to obtain witnesses and other evidence in accordance with such regulations as the President may prescribe. Process issued in court- martial cases to compel witnesses to appear and testify and to compel the production of other evidence shall be similar to that which courts of the Unites States having criminal jurisdiction may lawfully issue and shall run to any part of the United States, or the Territories, Commonwealths, and possessions.

We must not let political pressure or power rule our nation if we are to be nation of law. Enforcing subordinate law in suppression of attempts at upholding our supreme law is ultimately a violation of our oaths, and duties.

Major General Horst, may you find the courage to defend our rule of law, our Constitution, and the proper application of our UCMJ. Please release the one fellow officer that dared to stand for his oath, our law, and our country against all political pressure.

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