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Bernanke: "QE2 Contributed To A Stronger Stock Market"

We all know that a Strong Stock Market is more important that low unemployment, low inflation and a good standard of living cuz a strong market means Wall Street peeps like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein are doing well . .

During today's little CNBC circlejerk shindig, Ben Bernanke, in defense of his disastrous, and now deadly policies, once again confirmed that the (one and only) benefit from QE2 has been to boost stock prices. Oddly enough, there was no mention of surging energy, food and commodity prices. Nor did Liesman ask the Chairman about 43.2 million Americans on foodstamps, just as he did not ask the dictator of the centralized ponzi for his comments on why at last count 50 people in Tunisia were dead protesting, among other, record food prices and cost of living.

From Market Watch:


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Anytime his lips are moving

Bernanke is apparently fibbing and lying as fast as his token syllabus can get the words out

He's using note cards to spout off his points now.

you'd be surprised

at how many normal people (especially older folks) actually do link the stock market rising with economic recovery. i remember sitting there this Christmas while my older relatives rejoiced in how the stock market was "hanging in there" in 2010.... i think i was sitting in the corner playing computer or posting on the DP because i just can't inject myself into those conversations anymore. They've heard what i have to say, and they think that it is insanity, so i've given up trying to tell them what i think is the truth.

But, as they had that conversation, i couldn't help but think, "oh my, you guys are going to be in for a bad 2011." i guess we'll see who is right; i hope for their sake that it is them and their friend mr. bernanke. i highly doubt it, though.

for now this is...

the only method of "savings" for many is higher stock prices ..interest rates are too low for boomers to go to fixed so there we have it..greenspan championed this years ago as the way forward..there will be no change ..qe 2 will stave off depression and once again the central bank is the hero..

QE 2 is an old ship, sinking in a harbor. Was a fine old gal.

Uncle Ben & the Boyz are referring to printing cash by the hundreds of billions. No congressional authorization at all. Just pretending.

Whomever gets the cash first spends on whatever suits them. Why should we praise scoundrels? Why add to the National Debt tab? It may have aided & abetted scoundrels that pushed through to the front of that line-of-credit.

Not a penny of this cash went to raising the Queen Elizabeth II ship. She is still sinking. It is not an American taxpayer mission.

Please help Dr Ron Paul whilst our ship-of-state, the US is listing to the side... Get her off the sand bank. We can still save her. Man the bilge. Pump out the excess liquidity. Patch her up & get her under way.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul