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The name is Dr. Paul.

He is a Doctor of Medicine.

He is learned also in the study of Economics and in the study of American Politics. He puts forward in his critical thinking of politics the beliefs of a limited Constitutional government.

He is my choice for President of the United States in 2012 just as he was in 2008. In a perfect world he will be elected.

I think we can help. Every time I refer to him now, and in the future, it will be as Dr. Paul.

I refuse to believe only 7% support him in Nevada. I would believe over 10% support him unconditionally in Iowa and that number could double or triple with a tremendous and vigorous online campaign.

The good Doctor, I think, is in!


Dr. Ron Paul

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We need a Doctor !

We need a Doctor !

Because we are


Phil. 4:13

Bump for hope

Thanks for your comments. They make sense.

Phil. 4:13


Good show