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Bill Daley and associates are already Plotting the course for a Second Bailout

Incoming Obama chief of staff Bill Daley was formerly a board member for Third Way, a pro-Too Big To Fail think tank that exists solely to perpetuate the corporate-welfare guzzling policies that landed America in this horrible recession, so you know that the group's ideas will carry weight in the Obama White House.

What is Third Way's newest idea? "To save the banks from their own, colossal abuses of contracts that they devised, Third Way advocates Congressional intervention into well established, well functioning state law," reports Naked Capitalism.

More specifically, Third Way has argued, in the wake of a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling, that consumers should not be allowed to challenge foreclosures. Third Way's logic is that if homeowners continue to exercise their rights, every homeowner will want to exercise his rights, which could slow down the foreclosure process and create uncertainty in the market--and hurt the banks. Third Way's solution to this "problem" is for Congress to intervene in state laws by creating a "safe harbor from paperwork-related litigation for pending foreclosures." In other words, banks can take your house for any reason they say fit, and you can't say a damn thing about it.


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Does anyone remember the

Does anyone remember the Financial Transparency act of 2010? It called for a perment slush funds with no congressional oversight. That's code for the Fed control's the slush fund, and as such has already distributed bailout # 2 to payoff bailout #1. Now bailout #3 will not have to pay off bailout #2 because now one knows about bailout #2.

My computer just suffered an overload from crunching too many numbers... LOL

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"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

and they're sending Rahm

back to the windy city...

Obama is so blatant about the chicago machine its not even funny...

Easy come Bill Daley, easy go Rahm Emanuel . Gone with the wind.

The "Windy City Boyz." Blowing in the wind.

Bill Daley, Chicago Mayor as Father & Son.... & then there is "to be, or not to be" Rahm... Mayors of a very windy city.

Rahm Emanuel on the hot seat - Chicago Sun-Times
Jan 13, 2011 ... Rahm Emanuel testifies in the residency case challenging his eligibility to run for ... Around the country, Rahm Emanuel may be known as the ...

Nuff said.

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How many? I think that there has been two already.

Didn't this one already happen? That would make two completed going on three. I start to lose tract after a while.

Ben Bernanke urges US to consider second bail-out
The head of America's central bank has called for the US to consider distributing a second fiscal stimulus package to kick-start the country's ailing economy
By James Quinn, Wall Street Correspondent 9:06PM BST 20 Oct 2008


Bill Daley, Bio: son & brother of Richard Daley, Chicago Mayors

Bill Daley, Biographical Background
from Tribune Pres.

  • Richard Daley, infamous Chicago mayor is his father.
  • Richard Daley's sons are Richard & Bill.
  • Son Richard was recently mayor of Chicago, but did not seek reelection.
  • Bill Daley, is a JP Morgan Chase executive, too big to be fit & trim, colossal failure bank.
  • 2009, Bill Daley urged sitting president to move toward the political center. In an op-ed piece that ran in the Washington Post, Daley said the party must either "plot a more moderate, centrist course" or risk major loses in midterm congressional elections and future elections as well.
  • July, Bill Daley joined the board of trustees of the Third Way, a Democratic think thank.
  • His appointment to White House Chief of Staff post comes with drawbacks (mentioned in Chicago & Los Angeles Tribune, 1/3/2011). As Midwest chairman of JP Morgan, for example, Daley reportedly was engaged in discussions that led to the financial regulation overhaul bill, 2008 Economic Stabilization Act approved by Congress. This act did not stabilize. It was poorly written. To this day, it casts a pall over our land.

Yet another banker ponies up to the...

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Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

what are they trying to do?

Make a new jessie james? If I recall correctly, because of what happened to his parents the jessie james gang went to banks robbed them and burned all their contracts so that those people that had a mortgage became debt free, simply because those banks were corrupt, Do they seriously want hackers doing that to their system, because said hackers lost their house fraudulently? Or worse what if they screw someone over that has nothing else to loose and they start another shooting spree in a bank somewhere, people who have nothing left to lose are dangerous dont make that happen.

good find


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No more bailouts

Um, how about no. I live within my budget, they need to do the same and now they need to live with their decisions.

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