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"We must re-take the Republican Party" -Ron Paul

In this old video we recieved our marching orders from Ron Paul. This video needs to go viral through the ranks of the Ron Paul Revolution once again. We have a lot of new members that don't know what they're supposed to be doing. Ron Paul told us "We must take back the Republican party". I see less posts about this. I wish I could find a place on the net that had all the videos of Ron talking about the importance of joining the Republican party and becoming delegates.


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Thanks for posting this

I'll use it in the message I've been sending to the fb groups I admin - http://www.dailypaul.com/node/118792

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Had a kitchen table meeting...

with Tony Bellante from Milwaukee last week from the For Liberty documentary and several other folks who are determined to do just that where we live....

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This is what

Ron Paul wants, and has determined to be the best way forward.
I think it deserves people's attention.

So, I'm bumping the thread.

You want to take back the GOP

You want to take back the GOP register to become a delegate. The only way you will take it back is to become directly involved.


Didn't our hero, Dr. Paul, say...

...that he would run if the economy still was down?

Well, to me that means that he will run 100%. Because he knows the economy is only going to worsen.

Gas will be $4-5 per gallon in the next 6-9 months, so I'm told, which means the economy is going to tank even worse.

I wish Nader would throw his support behind Ron Paul.

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yep so hopefully all those

yep so hopefully all those "progressives" pull their heads out and join us.. Nader?


and we do appreciate your efforts over there on the progressive thread which is the first major attempt to swerve the movement seen so far in 2011.

And there will be more of them as it gets closer to the election, and they will be better attempts than the weak one that we see going on over there right now.
We had better be on our toes.

its like I have been saying

ron knows a lot of people vote straight ticket so to win you have to be a republican or democrat.

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I too am worried by the drift away

There are many ways for many people to help.  Current events are only so important in comparison with the necessary prep work.

And the democrat/independent party suggestions, etc, no, no, no, no, no more!

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I have posted such as comments in our tea party threads.

Use the tea party to get to the Republican party.

Set the example for the people who do not want anything to do with parties by attacking the non-transparency of your county executive committee if their members are not public.

If you buddy up with the party the people see you as status quo.

There will be a growth in the common ground of the movement when average joe sees ativists like us, leading by the example of - This is the way it is, we don't need you (the party). If you decide to work with the party, that is a sign of weakness and submission to the status quo.

and when they find the videos

and when they find the videos of the Ron Paul Revolution. Of "rising tide". Of so many videos created. They will realize that the tea party has roots. That they will realize there are people out there ready to fight for this cause.

"Restore the GOP to its Roots" is not a new slogan... its an old slogan that many of us carry proudly.