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Happy Birthday Daily Paul! Flashback 2007: The Interview That Started It All

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Friends, on this day, the Daily Paul's fourth birthday, I had planned to post the original podcast that inspired me to start this website, but I can't find it! It was an interview of Dr. Paul on the Koerlin Economics Report in Jan 07, and was once located here, but that link is now broken. I've scoured the internet, and my hard drive too. I thought it was this one, (which is also good), but not that one either.

Update: Thanks to DPer IPSecure, here is the interview!! Retrieved from the Way Back Machine. This is what I love about the DP!!

In the interview I'm thinking of, word had already leaked out that he was thinking of running and he addressed the rumor. "It was a little bit preliminary," he said. "I was amazed at how quickly it spread." He also spoke about the power of the internet, the newness of the technology, and how no one really knows the limits of that power and what one could do with it.

I was inspired not only by the message; but the challenge of pushing the limits of the internet. My expectations were not just low, they were non-existent! I just wanted to see what was possible.

If anyone has a copy of that interview please send me an email or a link. I'd like to hear it again and share it as well. And if you value the Daily Paul, please help us reach our fundraising goal - we're about 80% there. Thank you.

Since I can't find that interview, I'd like to share some of my thoughts on that interview, Ron Paul, the information technology revolution that is underway, and how the Daily Paul fits into that. Some of this was published in the book, Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas

Texas Congressman Seeks Presidency
by Michael Nystrom

In our networked information society, information flows faster than ever. Long before any official announcement had been made, news that Dr. Paul would be exploring a run for president had leaked out and spread across the Internet. The "official" story that broke the news was a short blurb by the Associated Press titled 'Texas Congressman Seeks Presidency, dated January 11, 2007. In just over 200 words, it explained that Dr. Paul had filed papers to form an exploratory committee for a presidential run.

In the pre-internet era, such a story might have gotten buried in the back pages of the local newspaper, if it made the news at all. It would have received little if any television coverage. In this prior, information dark age, if one of Dr. Paul's hundreds of thousands of supporters scattered across the nation were to somehow stumble across the news, he would certainly be delighted. But then what? Where could he go from there? Unless he already knew of other supporters personally, he would have no way of contacting them. Were he inclined to volunteer for the campaign, he would be left to his own devices to try to track down headquarters, make long-distance phone calls to Texas, and leave messages that might not be returned for weeks, if ever.

The Internet Changes Everything

The internet changed all of that. While Dr. Paul's 2008 campaign for president did not receive the same level of coverage on television or in print as most of his better known competitors, the 'Ron Paul Revolution' was a case study in our ongoing economic, social, cultural and political revolution. It was an epic battle between the vested powers of the traditional 'old' media and the vibrant rising power of the 'new' media.

Thousands of early supporters found out about Ron Paul's candidacy not from traditional media outlets, but from the internet. And most did not find out directly from the above referenced AP article, but rather from another individual who was merely using the Internet a medium to pass on the news. It was person-to-person communication. People sent emails to others they knew; they posted the news on their websites and discussed it in internet chat rooms and forums. Fans changed their MySpace and Facebook profile pictures to that of Ron Paul. As a result, the news spread quickly, organically and virally, directly to those with the highest level of interest – without any assistance from the campaign itself, nor from any of the traditionally powerful major media outlets.

This is how the news continued to spread, through the duration of the campaign, making the campaign a perfect study in the evolving, people-driven new media on the internet. By many appearances, this new media is growing powerful enough to compete vigorously with the old media institutions of newspaper, news magazines and television.

Old Media vs. New Media

A few weeks after the AP article hit the net, Dr. Paul gave a did a podcast in which he discussed the impact the internet would have on the 2008 presidential race. In it, he paraphrased something he had read online about his own potential candidacy: "This is not a contest between Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton so much as it is a challenge between the people who get their information from the internet in a quiet sort of way vs. the major networks," he said.

He was already anticipating the battle that would take place between the vested interests of the old media, and the rising power of the new. "The numbers of people out there who are sick and tired of what they’re getting are large enough that we can have a real impact and be very competitive," he said. But in order for the campaign to be effective, he knew it would have to ignite at the grassroots level. "We live in a new and modern age and nobody has truly measured this. I think Howard Dean got around the edges two years ago and did pretty well...but the technology continues to improve and the ability to reach millions of people at a very low cost is very intriguing."

Dean's 2003 run for president had set the prior standard for grassroots activism and internet organization. But greatly improved technologies – including many that didn’t exist during Dean’s run – would catapult Dr. Paul's campaign to an entirely new level. Technologies such as YouTube, MySpace, Digg, Reddit and Meetup allowed average people to participate in the national debate in ways that were impossible just a few years earlier. These technologies were the difference between vested powers telling us, "Good evening. Here is the news," and people saying, "What’s going on? I’ll go find out, and share what I know with the rest of the world." The shift was one from people being passive consumers of news and opinion to them becoming active participants that challenge, question and create news and opinion.

This fundamental recognition of the revolutionary nature of the Internet is vital to understanding Ron Paul's tremendous online popularity. The Internet allows citizens to both broadcast their own opinions and interact directly with one another – quickly, cheaply, independently and without regard for physical distance – without a centralized intermediary.

In mulling his run, Dr. Paul was certain he would have support, but wasn’t sure how rich or deep it would be: "... when you talk dollar-wise, that is a different story because those individuals, groups and companies that have a special interest – the military industrial complex and other organizations – the Haliburtons of the world... this is high stakes politics for them."

The "other organizations" Dr. Paul was referring to no doubt included members of the old media. Mass media ownership is expensive. It requires tremendous capital investments in infrastructure (television studios, printing presses, distribution systems) to create and maintain. Above all, it represents and relies upon the status quo for its continued success. Programming is designed for a lowest common denominator in an effort to attract the widest possible audience. The result is sensationalism, high impact sound bites, and the oversimplification or non-coverage of complex issues. Old media characteristics do not play to the strengths of Ron Paul’s candidacy, but those of the new media are a perfect fit.

Characteristics New Media Old Media
Examples Internet, e-mail, blogs, forums, chat,MySpace, Meetup, YouTube, Google, Facebook Radio, Cable & Broadcast TV, News shows, political talk shows, Newspapers, Newsmagazines,
Communication Method One-to-one interaction or broadcast Single message, lowest common denominator broadcast
Participation Active participants Passive consumers
Capital structure Not capital intensive / Distributed capital Capital intensive
Power structure Distributed power Centralized power
Content generation User shaped & generated Centralized programming
Profit structure Not necessarily profit oriented For profit / must turn a profit
Level of message control Impossible to control Easy to control

Internet Liftoff

The central issues that Dr. Paul had championed during his thirty years of service to the American people – freedom, liberty and limited government regulation – have been central to the Internet’s explosive growth. Dr. Paul has never voted to regulate the Internet, a major contributing factor to his solid, and growing online base. As a relatively new technology, the Internet remains mostly unregulated. Anyone with basic computer literacy can set up his or her own website or blog. No special permission from the government is required. There are no licenses to apply for, no proof of ID to show, no taxes to pay, no government forms to fill out. This has resulted in amazing expressions of creativity, and the emergence of completely new cultures and ways for individuals to interact with one another. Ron Paul, with his consistent message as the defender liberty was a natural online favorite.

- - - -

To be continued...

If you value the Daily Paul, please help us reach our fundraising goal.

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got the happy birthday email

we're so close-here's another donation

Happy Birthday Daily Paul!

I am happy to have shared the last 3 years and 31 weeks with you, too!

'...truth is loved in such a way that those who love some other thing want it to be the truth, and precisely because they do not wish to be deceived, are unwilling to be convinced that they are deceived." --- St. Augustine, Confessions (10:23), 5th c.

Don´t remember if this is the exact interview

but this is what got me into Ron Paul. The support of a new 911 investigation.
The best thing about Ron, is that he is not like a politician, he seems actually very sincere and trustworthy.


Happy Birthday Daily Paul!

Four years - WOW!

What did we all do with out time before the DP? I seriously do not remember.
I cannot even imagine a day now without the DP or without The GOOD Doctor.

Thank YOU Michael. You have creaated an absolutely wonderful place for us all. We are a community. We are a family and you brought us all together.

Here;s to many more with you all!

Ron Paul is My President


4 years 23 hours.....

It is hard to believe it has been that long.

I am truly thankful for the DP, and all I have learned here.

I have been especially thankful for getting to know MN a little better these last couple of weeks. He is truly a gracious person.

I hope everyone who reads this tries to understand what a monumental effort it takes to keep a place like this running, on top of trying to fend off vultures like Righthaven.

Donate if you can.

To Us! (cheers!)

Happy Birthday!!!

(clink-clink, gulp-slurp)

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Thanks for the way back

Thanks for the way back machine interview. It sent me looking for more.
An honest 1998 message that could have been yesterday.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.


Principals are what matter. Thanks for posting that.

Happy birthday!! :)

Happy birthday!! :)

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!

Thank you for your integrity & courage!



gold without dealer markups

& Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe!

One of my favorite poets has a birthday today as well.
Edgar Poe born January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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Happy Bday DP!

Looks like I have a 3 yr DP birthday coming up this week. It only feels longer because I lurked for a few months and was on other sites for Ron Paul before joining DP.

Thanks again Michael for all you do!

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Michael Nystrom's picture

Happy birthday to you, too

Thanks for being here, and for all of your contributions to the site.

He's the man.

What a fun interview to re-visit.

What is troubling is to see the government and media closing in on the Internet now, trying to regulate and restrict it.

Michael Nystrom's picture

It is an interesting listen

Because it is before all the craziness started.

I find it completely fascinating.

He's the man.

Reddited it.

That's a mouthful.

Happy Birthday DP!


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

ytc's picture

Thanks to DP. . .

we are learning how to practice LIBERTY a la Ron Paul style. . . with prudence, humility, knowledge, patience and a lot of FUN and love!

Happy Birthday to DP and kudos to MN for offering us this e-gathering place!

SteveMT's picture

Before the Daily Paul,...

There was nothing!

AD 4

The world is 4 years old.


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


...sure, you betcha!

But I still kinda lean towards 55 CE.
(Cosmic Era -- Sputnik = Year 0001)

Natheless, Happy Anniversary All


for keeping us together!

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

From The WayBack Machine:

According to the original link, here is what the WayBack Machine comes up with: Link (.mp3)

Regarding Palin: I believe we are watching in real time the rise of the third party, which will be controlled by the powers that be from its' inception.

Next Scam: "Cash For Cash"


Michael Nystrom's picture

You are awesome!!!!

Thank you so much!!!

I looked everywhere else, but I never thought to look on the Way Back Machine. I'll remember to file this trick away for future use.

Thank you again so much!

He's the man.

Perhaps from late 2006 vs Jan 2007 in this video

Part 1 Congressman Ron Paul on The Korelin Economics Report

Michael Nystrom's picture


That's not the one...See above.

He's the man.

Shoot, if I knew that.....

I would have baked a cake.
Happy Birthday y'all!

I don't think

MN eats "those" kind of cakes, or brownies...8)

I could be wrong..

How 'bout a disco theme song?

Audio of Happy Anniversary by Little River Band

Stay safe there in the "motor city", Nui..

We'll see you when you get back.

Thanks Jefferson....

Check your email, I just sent you a
postcard from the Motor city.
Hope all is well.