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Ron Paul on Gay Marriage

Here is an excellent video I found explaining Ron Paul's and Libertarian's views on Gay Marriage. It works great for those who believe Dr. Paul hates gays.


I suggest you save the video for future use, especially in the coming Presidential election when Progressives and Liberals accuse Dr. Paul of gay bashing and believe their Messiah, Obama, is pro gay-marriage and can say nor do no wrong.

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Great Video

This is amazing, great presentation. Thanks for linking this, will definitely make use out of this by showing my Democrat friends...word.

Jack Wagner

The very fact that there is

The very fact that there is ANY government involvement in a religious ceremony, aka "marriage", is unconstitutional and a First Amendment problem.

I personally am amazed that this has never been challenged as an establishment/favoring of religion, just as use of the phrases, "...one nation under God..." and "In God We Trust" have been challenged.

The government's involvement should be challenged with a lawsuit to finally "divorce" them!

ugh, fellas fellas fellas. if

ugh, fellas fellas fellas. if you all really dont want govt in your lives whether you are gay or straight, you shouldnt be signing marriage licenses at all anyway. Be wedded, but dont get married.

of course on the stance of 'gay marriage' i believe that a gay person has every much of a right to entirely give up their rights and hand it over to the state. to debate otherwise would mean that you support the notion that gays are somehow mentally inhibited from being competent enough to make such a decision, much like a mentally handicapped person. I think wed all agree that gay and mentally handicapped are mutually exclusive traits and thus should be allowed to enter contract with the state as any heterosexual person can.



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If you don't like being told how to live -I don't

then how can you without hypocrisy tell others how to live...

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

very well said

live and let live the way each wants as long as it does not infringe on mine or anyone else's property rights, do what makes you happy.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

thats exactly how i feel. Get

thats exactly how i feel. Get out of my life!! I tried to alk to the legislatures about this, but i believe with all the money they make on child support and court filings, they would rather be involved and destroy families for profit.


But if you want a video showing Ron Paul's views without all the others this is a great interview one of the clips comes from.
Ron Paul w/John Stossel

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The Stossel link is very good: includes drugs

and prostitution too.

Good post thanks.

Good post thanks.

"Unequal" is the new equal

I can't remember a time in my life when politics got involved that some special interest group didn't end up getting favorable treatment over another group. It's a numbers game and the bigger number always wins when it turns into a knife fight.

My question is

WHY use the term Marriage , which has always been a heterosexual term.

They want to take over the definition. Plain and Simple.

If it would simply be an equal civil union senario, simply call it something else. They want the definition.

Call it whatever you want...

When a group of people are granted rights that another group of people don't have, that is unnacceptable.

Call all partnerships or marriages "civil unions" for legal and tax purposes...Whatever. As long as all are treated as equals.

It is not possible to grant

It is not possible to grant rights. Rights are inherent. Only privileges and powers can be granted.


the "privilege" of being allowed to get a marriage license should be enjoyed by every adult.

Let's take it one step

Let's take it one step further. By definition, a license grants someone permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal. I think there's something fundamentally wrong when people's consensual relations, whatever form they may take or whatever they may be called, are illegal.

But consensual relations can go all over...

They could just as easily involve consensual pedophilia, bigamy, brutality, bestiality or a host of others. It is more a matter of perception as far as anything "consensual" being illegal. You can see when you define things by being consensual or some quasi form of "religion" it can go all over the place. You can consider almost anything to be based on some homegrown religion as well. I don't think that defining word holds much value.

You feel that pedophilia is

You feel that pedophilia is consensual? Do animals really consent to bestiality?
As far as consensual brutality, a person has a right to his or her body. If they get off by being beat, then god bless them. If a woman or man wants to be involved in a marriage with multiple partners, consensually, then again, a person has the right to do whatever he or she wants with his or her body/mind.

I am right there with you...

We are on the same page. :)

personally...I never saw a reason

Not to call gay unions "marriage" has marriage been around since before recorded history, not to mention I think it's believe that ancient greeks and romans celebrated same-sex unions. So it's not exactly new.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT


with me. Go for it.

All of American society has been split into groupings of some sort or another, and certainly not treated equally. EVERYTHING IS BASICLY UNEQUAL.

It about working as a group to expand our rights....

You know if we band together to expand all our rights we get a lot more accomplished. I support their gay marriage and they stop sending Pelosi or Frank or supporting the Patriot Act etc. The guy with the beer has to support the guy with the joint. I mean this is not about restricting each other, it is about expanding our rights. Do you really give a hoot in heck if gays get married? Does it really effect your life in a negative way?

We really have to pick our battles about what social rights we do not support. There is more power in solidarity than fragmentation.

Everything is basically unequal...

Well...we all are here trying to advance the cause of liberty for everyone!

No, life isn't fair. But, in our republic, we should be ashamed to have LAWS that allow for unequal treatment from the government. When it comes to private property, that's different. You don't have to recognize gay marriage if you don't want to...but that doesn't mean the government should not give two people a marriage license because they are of the same sex.


IT. I know lots of people who live together and they do not have a marrage license nor do they seek one and they are heterosexual. SO?
what is the beef?

Pro creation does a function. Can gays pro create?
It populates the NATION. Makes lots of Americans.

What is the benefit to a Nation for gays to get married? Just to keep them satisfied? Serves no function . We all need to be satisfied. That's an individual thing.

I have no idea what your problem is...

but it seems you just don't like gay people. So people only want to get married for the benefits? That is absolutely absurd.

Your friends that don't get married have that choice...gay people don't have that same choice.

The benefit of gays being able to marry, is that they will have the same choices as heterosexuals. The benefit is FREEDOM.

And, by the way, just because straight people can pro-create, doesn't mean they should.

AH!! read my comment correctly.

The government supports marrage because of the benefit it gives to the Nation, for a good purpose.
PRO-CREATION benefits a Nation by increasing the population . Population increase makes for job growth, influence around the World, ETC., ETC., and Do I have to go on this way? Can you take it from here?

By the way, Marrage can be like bath water , once your in it for a while, it can get a little cold. LOL

You don't need to talk to me...

like I'm 4.

The government supports marriage because of its benefits to the nation? Ok. Go ahead and believe that.

Most people these days pro-create without getting married. A piece of paper from the government is not required to make a baby.

Do you do things because the government supports it?

Marriage or civil unions should not be used by the government as a political ploy or part of an agenda.

Key words

shouldn't be used, by the government or the gay taskforce. REALITY , it's being used by both.

Besides we have bigger concerns.


"but that doesn't mean the government should not give two people a marriage license because they are of the same sex."

What? Why is government "letting" people get a license for anything anyway.... Government has no place in interpersonal affairs. Freedom means FREE, without restriction and most definitely without a license.

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You just negated your whole arguement.

WHAT?, etc., etc. If you want to be free from the government what are you crying about, be free like the lifestyle always was.

Don't bash me for thinking the way nature intended.
I guess you would call Nature itself BIGOTED.
That would be rational, critical, thinking; NOT.