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California court strikes down law that would restrict handgun ammo sales

Second Amendment activists are celebrating a California court's decision to block a pending state law that would restrict the sale of certain types of handgun ammunition.

A Fresno County Superior Court Judge says parts of the measure, set to take effect next month, would overstep constitutional bounds, calling the law's definitions for 'handgun' and 'ammunition' too vague. However, the bill's author plans to appeal the ruling, claiming that California has recognized its definitions for three decades.

Modeled after a Sacramento city ordinance, the law would have required that all handgun ammunition purchases take place in a face-to-face interaction with merchants. In addition, anyone trying to purchase handgun ammo would have been required to give a thumb print and present a state-issued photo ID, making ammo purchases easy to track. When it was signed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, he said the measure was put in place to “keep communities safe, and prevent dangerous felons from committing crimes with firearms.”

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Schwarzenegger is such a

Schwarzenegger is such a douche bag..