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Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs.

Forgive me if this has already been posted but I think this is one of the most awesome compassionate, yet reasonable reasons why we can't fix things in this country with immigration (illegal or legal)


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Hmmm, I'm not familiar with the argument

I haven't seen or heard the argument that our immigration policy should help aleviate poverty in the rest of the world. On its' face, that seems a pretty ludicrous position to take. This demonstration makes it even more obvious.

On the other hand, 5 Billion people do not want to move to the U.S., so it's a lot of worry about nothing. They don't have the resources for the trip or for establishing themselves here. Additionally, those 5 billion people would be leaving their families, their culture, their language...and then they would have to prepare for a lifetime of hard work and long hours, which is NOT the culture around the world.

I made the aquaintance of an Italian immigrant who was running his own barbershop. He said he spent years saving money until he could pay for all of his family to join him. They came to America expecting to live richly...only to find out Americans worked like crazy to earn their wealth. That was too much for them. All of his family returned to Italy to live poorer but less strenuous lives.

America could help the poor best by being the beacon on freedom for the rest of the world to emulate. We

I agree with you completely

I agree with you completely Ron that most of those 5 billion people would not want to immigrate to the US, but the appeal of Roy's presentation in my small view had to do with illegal immigrants and alot of people's perception on how we (the US) need to help them. I know he said "legal" and that was to make a point. And yes I also agree that I have not heard "let's let all the starving people come to America so we can save them" argument either. It's difficult at times because I think when arguments like this come up in front of "regular" folk we'll often see a dumbed down version that appeals to the masses. I think that's why I liked his presentation because it was simple and it would be harder to reason away letting illegals come here and stay, because they're so poor and they have no other opportunity.
Your Italian immigrant story is awesome, and makes a good point.


Thanks for posting.

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Thanks LL. Interesting stuff.

Thanks LL. Interesting stuff.