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UN wants new global currency to replace dollar
The dollar should be replaced with a global currency, the United Nations has said, proposing the biggest overhaul of the world's monetary system since the Second World War.


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Why post Old News from 9/9/09?

Old News.
What do they want today?
To Disarm America, Levy Carbon Taxes, and Put us into FEMA Camps, IMO.

No thanks. Spend your dollars first China.

Imagine the Chinese will trade their U.S. treasuries and other dollar reserves with the United Nations. Then the United Nations would have economic control over the United States government. Think that the Chinese are bad news, wait until we have unelected members of the United Nations ruling the United States. UN troops could then be sent to control any domestic uprises.

they already can.

they already can.

I can't get to this story :-(

maybe their server is busy. I'll try later.

Thanks for posting

I knew it was coming...another fiat currency but this time global.

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"Replacing the dollar with an artificial currency would solve so

"Replacing the dollar with an artificial currency would solve some of the problems......" What exactly does he think the dollar is, if not an artificial currency?