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∞ Didn't want this thought to be left in dream land

I had already turned off my comp but I decided to turn it back on and ask the brilliant minds here for their insight on a random thought I just had on my way to bed:

Generally speaking, were most of the neo-conservative baby-boomers against the Vietnam war back when they were younger?

What do you think? Even if you don't think it's a worthwhile question to discuss, I'm curious


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300,000 !

You Must Factor In The Dredded Draft, As It Was Called.

The Draft was involuntary military servitude started in WW II and still in effect until about 1978.
It was total corruption because some people who had connections, or paid off somebody, got an exemption.
The guys that got drafted were fighting and dying in the Vietnam war.

I met a Jewish guy that told me that when he was called up they directed him into a room with several other healthy guys, and sent them home, He said his father "pulled some strings".

My opinion is; When some of the students of Kent state university protested against the Vietnam war, and were "Gunned" down by other Americans in uniforms in the streets of Ohio, the whole country began to oppose the never ending war, publicly burning draft cards, and protesting more than ever.

Anti war music became wide spread. This song written in 1969:


The song was being sung in some "Churches" !

The Neo-Conservatives wing of the Republican party was not in existence yet, as they very slowly infiltrated the Republicans during the first Bush Presidency, and became much more powerful under the second Bush war mongering regime !


I was in the first group of 18 yr olds

who got the vote. At that time, I didn't have a tv & got my info from "Newsweek Magazine." Naively, I thought that everyone was against the war. When RFK ran for POTUS, it was obvious that if he was elected, the war would stop. I thought that with George McGovern running in RFK's footsteps, that he would trounce Nixon big time - NOT! McGovern was a fly on Nixon's windshield. This result conviced me that:
1) The American voter was a moron.
2) Something was very rotten about how election results were counted.

I still believe in 1 & 2. What REALLY gets me is all the young women from that era who were against the war, saw how stupid it was, had children & sent them off to fight, be killed, maimed, etc. & totally forgot what a waste war is, esp. when evidenced by Viet Nam. Of course fathers too, should care about their childrens' mortality, but that's another subject.

I'll end by saying everyone should watch the documentary about the Pentagon Papers.

They were for it

Mostly, as long as someone else did the fighting, i.e. Dick Cheney who had "other priorities" during the 60's.