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SPLC article featured in communist newspaper

A column written by Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) Intelligence Project, has found its way into an unlikely place — “People’s World,” the official online newspaper of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).

But Potok told The Daily Caller in an e-mailed statement he did not have a personal role in his column titled “Coming to Terms With The Confederacy” appearing in the CPUSA mouthpiece.

“We occasionally write op-eds for a nonprofit organization called OtherWords, which aims at ‘amplifying progressive analysis in the national conversation’ by placing the op-eds in various publications,” Potok wrote. “I have no idea how the articles are placed, nor were we consulted about the process. As you will have noticed, the op-eds are offered free, likely to anyone who cares to copy them.”

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