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Big Brother in Your Neighborhood

Dear Friends of Liberty,

Unless the Baltimore County Council hears from you soon, more pedestrians and cyclists will be at risk...and more drivers will probably receive false speeding tickets that will increase their insurance.

Why would the Council do this?

Simple -- They want more money.

You see the automated ticketing systems are like a license to steal money from the public. In 2009 Baltimore County authorized 15 of the cameras. So far they have collected $1.5 Million dollars from motorists who have been "caught" by the cameras.

But how many were really speeding? At least one local camera was set to the wrong speed - resulting in over 932 erroneous citations.

And to make matters even worse, the Council is creating illegal school zones that are putting our children at risk.

You see, Maryland law only allows automated cameras in school and construction zones. But apparently there just are not enough of those, so the Baltimore County Council's minions created new school zones that violate Department of Transportation guidelines.

No wonder pedestrian and bike accidents have increased since the cameras have been introduced. Rightfully confused and paranoid drivers do not increase public safety.

But the politicians are anxious to get more money. And amazingly they say the ticket "scamras" are to "protect the children," but what they really are doing is creating another avenue into your wallet.

What a scam!

A bill has been introduced that will expand the use of speed cameras throughout the county and county officials have started disseminating propaganda about the effectiveness of the speed cameras that are already in place.

And Police Chief, Jim Johnson, is helping with this scam by putting out fake numbers.

The Chief claimed in a press conference that proof that "scamras" were slowing down drivers was that in the last year there has been a 51% drop in automated tickets.

Unfortunately that turned out to be a bald face lie. In fact the number has increased in all but one camera.

Until you stand up and demand that you want an end to round the clock surveillance, this scam will continue.

And pedestrians and bicyclists are becoming victims of this scheme.

Montgomery County's evaluation of the program reporting that the number of collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists actually increased with the deployment of these cameras. The study also found that the number of collisions involving casualties increased with the deployment of these cameras.

This is a scam. Putting a camera on every street corner will not make us safer. However, it will be successful in providing a constant feeling of paranoia to the residents of Baltimore County and it will create another quick path into our wallets.

Please take a few minutes to tell your County Councilman that you aren't going to stand for this nonsense.

1. Please sign our petition to let your councilman know that you stand against this money grab.


2. Please call your county council member and tell them to vote "NO" on the expansion of speed cameras.


3. Email this petition to your friends and family in Baltimore County.

Thank you for all your efforts in fighting against intrusions such as this. Success in fighting these battles depends on your continued vigilance.

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