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If your water does not freeze do not drink it?

Friends, I cannot believe that I am writing this message and I hope this is a one time incident.

Let me explain, this morning I awoke at 3:15am and got ready for work. I live in Massachusetts and while I do not know what the temperature was this morning, I can tell you that as I write this message the temp is about 21 degrees.

As everyone knows water freezes at 32 degrees. At about 4 am: I was in my car at a drive-up window. I had just ordered a cup of tea.

Just before the girl serving me, handed me my hot tea, I looked down at my full cup console and started to remove a bottle of left over water.

What caught my attention is that the contents in the bottle of what I believe to be water, was not frozen! (not even slush)

but, an almost equal amount of left over tea in a separate cup sitting in the console next to the water was frozen.

After working an 8 hour day and with temperatures still in the low of 21 degrees, the contents was still not frozen. This concerns me because I had consumed about 2/3 of the water, and yes, I feel fine and I did not notice any different taste.

I still have the bottle which is still in my car. I will check it again in the morning.

I do not wish to create a panic, as I said I feel fine, however, the bottle is a very popular New England brand. I told a couple of my co-workers about this as they have been drinking the same water and they are also fine.

I would like to know if anyone else has noticed this same phenomena.

Would any of you be willing to place a bottle of your favorite drinking water in the freezer and or in your car over night and report back here with your experiment.

Or please reply back with some scientific verifiable quote explaining why water in plastic bottles will not freeze at the temperatures that I have stated?

I have specifically not named the make of the beverage for fear of starting a panic, as I state once again I consumed about 2/3 of the bottle and I am feeling fine... I almost hesitate sending this post, but, if there is an explanation I would like to hear and or see it..

Thank you in advance...

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My Water Didn't Freeze

But then it only got down to about 65 last night in South Texas.

This worries me, since it isn't cold enough, so how can I know if I have the demon water or not? Do I have to put all water in the freezer overnight to test it before drinking it?

Scary stuff.

Maybe you should call Coasttocoast.

You might wanna watch this video!


It's a video showing that "undisturbed" water does not freeze in sub-freezing temperatures. It could be due to the lack of movement of the water; hypothesizing, that water would only freeze if a catalyst were to provide motion for the molecules in the bottled water to "expose" itself to the ambient temperatures. Then again, I'm no scientist ...

YESSSSS! Saw a Nova special

YESSSSS! Saw a Nova special on a plane that froze and went down and they talked about Supercooled water. It means water cannot freeze if there is nothing to freeze to. But if you stick a stick in the water, it will instantly freeze. I thought of this thread at the time and they did experiments with bottles of water to show as an example.


Columbus, Ohio


I had an experience jus like that! The other day, my cat let a pooter and it didn't stink. On FISH flavored cat food, no less. Impossible but true.

Your water is clearly UNHOLY water and should be sent UPS haz. mat. to Mike Huckabee for swift exorcism of the soggy demons.

Glad I could help Daryl. Tell your brother Daryl I said howdy ;)

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Nestle Pure Life Water


Purified Water:
filtered to remove particles as small as 0.2 micron in diameter.

Calcium Chloride, a salt used to de-ice roads & as a drying agent:
has a low toxicity rating, but ingestion can lead to many problems due to a process called hydrolysis, which occurs when calcium chloride reacts with water and creates excess heat as a byproduct. Ingestion may seriously irritate the moist linings of the body, such as those in the nostrils, mouth and throat, lips, eyelids and ears.

Sodium Bicarbonate, a salt and OTC drug:
also known as baking soda, to relieve heartburn, sour stomach, or acid indigestion, said to belong to the group of medicines called antacids.

Magnesium Sulfate. a salt and OTC drug:
oral laxative aka epsom salts.
hmm. a caustic substance that parches my throat, with OTC drugs to settle my stomach and speed up elimination of product ingested..just what i was looking for in a thirst quencher (NOT!)


my unopened bottles of aquafina froze, and i am in Mass. It was below zero with the wind last night.

I'm with you. UNLESS it does

I'm with you. UNLESS it does have salt in it I would not drink water that sat at 21 degrees and did not freeze. Just would not. I heard the plastic bottles (mostly made in China) leach many harmful chemicals into the water. It may not hurt you now, but who knows after it builds up in your body?
Not me. I am distilling then ionizing mine and have become a water FREAK.

distilling is bad.. you need

distilling is bad..

you need minerals in your water, and ideally it should be high PH (alkaline) say 9.0-9.8 ph

think natural, NOT sterile, nature is never sterile.

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almost all "name brand"

almost all "name brand" bottled water has salt in it, check the label.

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

I think two things happened here

First,as someone said below,Your car was giving off heat over night,The tea had no lid to prevent exposure to cold air and the bottle did.

Second,when water has bacteria growing in it,it will freeze at a lower temperature.Bottled water,no bacteria? Unfortunately you introduced the bacteria to the bottle in the form of saliva,No way to prevent it and it had time to grow.The acid in saliva can also work as an antifreeze.

Between the two it caused the results you had,one more hour and it may have froze.

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Send a sample of the water

Send a sample of the water out for testing and let us know the results. Probably would be best to simply use the bottle that it is in so as to avoid any contamination, etc, of the sample.


Ice melts at 32F (or higher

Ice melts at 32F (or higher dependending on humidity), and water freezes at -40F (always by that temp). Sometimes it freezes at a much warmer temperature, depending on the contaminants in the water.

Google: Super Cooled Water.

But 21F at night with a bottle in a car is nothing to worry about. It's been 20-22F everynight for a few weeks here, and thats typically just enough to put a thin film of ice on a water bottle in the bed of the truck, or nothing to a water bottle inside.

And back around Thanksgiving when it was around 5f, yes that will turn something outside solid, and freze the majority of anything in your truck.

If you need proof of these temps, merely take a bottle of beer and put it in the freezer for 30mins - 2hr (I'm not responsible for the mess if it pops). The get a glass ready, open and pour. If you did it right, it will pour out liquid then freeze solid in your dirty glass.

But again, it just wasn't cold enough, long enough, to freeze the water in your car.


not sure what your point was, but that first paragraph,

blew me away.
humidity, relative or not, has nothing to do with the phase change. yes, there is a pressure -temperature relationship in sealed vessels.
latent heat of fusion, is the "cold enough, long enough" part.
google HVAC

I make snow where I live. I

I make snow where I live. I can make real, water based snow at 39F. And it sticks. It all depends on the humidity. The evaporational cooling drops the ice to temps below 32, which allows it to stay as ice, even though it's above freezing.

Google swamp cooler or sublimation.

HVAC deals with pressured vessels (for most of it, minus the radiator to cool it (condensor).) If you have real exposure to temps and unlimited air, humidity makes a huge differnce as to the temperature at which things melt.

As proof: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3451948849178549864#

See any snow anywhere else? I know my stuff.



thermo dynamics at work...

it wont LAST however, in 40* temps it wont melt especialy fast either though.

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

Whiskey and Water

A long while ago my mother put a decorator bottle of Jim Beam whiskey out in the garage for whatever reason around Christmas time (it looked like an old candlestick phone). A day or two later, when the contents froze, the glass cracked and was noticed by Mom. After hearing about the frozen "whiskey" my father had one of those "ya don't say" urges to investigate. I got a call at school from my parents trying to figure out who borrowed the whiskey. I 'fessed.

I'm guessing that the unfrozen water was able to retain enough heat to prevent freezing due to a micro climate or environmental sort of thing. Maybe one was resting on the wet floor mat that started at 80 degrees and the other was touching the metal frame exposed to the outside air.

water, can be a solid or a liquid at 32F

sugar and alcohol will both lower the freezing point.
to raise or lower the temperature of 1 LB of water 1 degree F is known as a BTU [British thermal unit]
this changes when we go from a liquid to a solid, to go from 32 F liquid to 32 F solid requires 144 BTU's.[that is a lot!] this is known as the latent heat of fusion. it is even higher for liquid to gas [steam]. 970.3 BTU's [huge!] latent heat of vaporization]
cars retain heat. 21F is not very cold and solar heat [radiant] can change even that.

We have seen the same thing

My husband is always buying bottled water and I always end up with around 4 or 5 half empty bottles rolling around on the floor in the back of my van. I always tell him to buy Fuji water but he buys anything. I finally made a believer out of him after several times of picking up the bottles of water and asking him..geez I wonder why these brands of water do NOT freeze when this one does ???
So yes I have seen the exact same thing..

Try it outside

Your car console is directly above metal which is above hot engine parts. It's not the water, it's the car. Bottled water is just tap water from one town trucked to another town and bottled up to be trucked to your town. That's why it's so "green".
Poland Spring rapes the town around it and pays nothing for the water, but it's good water that will freeze.

Read the label

"Only from carefully selected natural springs. Sources: Clear Spring, Hollis, ME; Evergreen Spring, Fryeburg, ME[...]"

Then do research on these various springs where your bottled water is sourced. Then consider the container and its insulating properties.

Too many variables to say

Easily diagnosed.

1. Tea cup styrofoam? Insulates tea from warm console (drivetrain).

2. Cap on water bottle? Not exposed to air.

3. Popular New England brand? Perhaps it is left over jet fuel...from when the Jets kicked your asses with power to spare!


It's #3...It's totally #3!!!

Thanks, for sharing this

we never know. My husband had a bottle of frozen water in the truck, I am going to keep a closer eye on this stuff.

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Sure you didn't add a bit of hooch to the mix?


I can honestly say that is wierd!

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I always keep a case of water

I always keep a case of water in my car, I noticed some froze solid while others remained unfrozen also. However the ones that remained unfrozen were the ones in the middle of the case so who knows. I drink them every day frozen or not and I'm still here ;) in other words I wouldn't worry about it.


Thanks for posting.

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