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The Secret of Oz

Greetings all,

I haven't logged in on here for awhile, but still read the site often.

There are very knowledgable people here and I wanted to ask all of you your thoughts on a film I just watched the other day. The Secret of Oz, link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qIhDdST27g

I agree with some of it's points, like end the fed, no fractional reserve banking, but wonder about having Congress print a non backed money.

I would sure love to hear your thoughts on these ideas and on the film itself.

Thanks all

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for the comments.

I knew something about that film did not seem right to me. The way he kept repeating the phrase about who issues the money over and over seemed to strike me and his response to critics of the idea, "it can't be any worse"

Background research

Bill Still, Ellen Brown and other Greenbackers

are looking for a way to finance socialism. They want to nationalize the Federal Reserve System so that the government can print as much money as they need or want. This is also why Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson and other liberals supported the audit the fed bill. They believe that the only problem with the Fed is that it is controlled by private banks. Their concern is that the government must borrow money from the private banks and pay interest on this debt. Inflation is not a concern.

For Austrians such as Ron Paul inflation is a real concern and believe that the solution to controlling inflation is to end central banking and tie money to a commodity such as gold.

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Your instinct is right

Your instinct is right on the money (so to speak). The Greenbackers want to jump from the frying pan into an inferno. By the way, there are more than a few mistakes of fact in that video.

The Fed just yesterday put to rest the peculiar notion that it is not a government agency. With the stroke of a pen, they changed their own bookkeeping rules, moving entries from the "liabilities" side of their ledger onto the books of the US Treasury.

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