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New Podcast Episode Posted

Episode 5 of the Support Ron Paul podcast has now been posted at http://www.ronpaulpodcast.com so please download it and check it out. The easiest way is to subscribe using iTunes or similar software -- the show is usually the first thing which comes up when you do a search for Ron Paul, but if not you can manually enter this as the feed: http://ronpaulpodcast.com/rss

In this episode I talk about Rush Limbaugh's comments, a Hillary vs RP presidential race, internet activism, and what it really means to support the troops. Send comments to rp@garywatson.com.

You don't need an iPod or mp3 player to listen to podcasts -- they are just mp3 files which can be played on any modern PC or Mac.

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Ron Paul should ask to be on 'The View'

The ladies on "The View" support Ron Paul! I hope he takes advatange of the media and requests to be on the show to defend his positions. Millions of people watch this show!!!


Vote for FREEDOM!