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Time To Circle The Wagons!

If you have not established or recently connected with your Patriot Circle, do so ASAP.

Prior to WWII, William Stevenson, a Canadian businessman better known by his code name in the book, A Man Called Intrepid, established a communication system among freedom-fighters through-out much of Europe. Used successfully by the French Resistance and other countries, “The Underground” was in no small way responsible for the success against another tyrant. That system continues today.

In an emergency, normal communications may be unavailable for weeks or permanently interrupted. An alternative system of communication is vital, second in importance only to a personal survival plan. This is achieved with a small, intimate group many call a "Patriot Circle", the purpose of which is solely to maintain communication in an emergency.

A Patriot Circle consists of two or more individuals with whom communication is possible in an emergency. Though not inner-dependent for individual survival, the Circle promotes the exchange of information and skills. Apart from circle members, identities are unknown. Sources of information may be expanded by connection to other Circles forming a Local Wheel.

"Wheels within Wheels" is a communication network; a vehicle for exchange of information that intra-connects a Local Wheel. Independent of normal sources of communications or power, Wheels within Wheels is a network that cannot be joined; it is intra-linked, exponentially expanding and secure. Penetration is possible but limited within a few circles (maximum three or four deep) with no effect on the Wheels within Wheels network as a whole. Information received may be verified through connection to other Local Wheels. Communication passes circular not lineal, activated within hours of loss of normal communication.

To form a Patriot Circle, meet with trusted friends to establish the alternative communication system: Exchange addresses, locations of safe houses/Houses of Refuge, physical message-exchange locations and/or posting stations, choose code names for members/locations and decide if connection with other circles in a Local Wheel is desirable. Remaining details are up to each circle.

Simply: A Patriot Circle is two or more people who establish an alternative means of communication. When connected to other patriot circles, they are a Local Wheel, which eventually links to the wider communication network, Wheels within Wheels.

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Very interesting,

thanks, for putting this together for us. I was thinking of getting a Hamm radio in case we lose electric but I also saw something called a Marine radio would anyone know what the difference is in these things or if one would be better than another?

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Thanks for posting this idea.

I've often thought that we in the Liberty movement need to be more connected. The idea of many interconnected small circles of individuals is very appealing. It's also simply a prudent idea in case of emergency situations - as you pointed out.

I made a similar post - see my signature line below about "Making Connections".

As important as organization is a "Patriot Code".

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