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Former Va. Senator George Allen Calls Himself "The Original Tea Partier" as he Announces Senate Bid for 2012

Former Republican Senator George F. Allen of Virginia will announce Monday that he will seek to avenge his narrow loss in 2006 at the hands of Senator Jim Webb, two senior Republicans in Virginia told The Caucus.

“He’s calling himself the original Tea Partier,” said one senior Republican, who asked not to be named because Mr. Allen has not yet made his plans public. “A lot of the old gang is helping.”

Mr. Allen’s political career was abruptly ended four years ago after a campaign that became synonymous with the new era of YouTube politics.

After the image of Mr. Allen calling a young Democratic operative “macaca” was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, the senator lost his reelection bid by about 9,000 votes. (See the video below.)


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Jim Webb beat Allen over the war issue.

Webb would not have won had Allen not marched in goose-step behind George Bush. We really need a liberty candidate in this race to point that out.