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Is The NEOCON Opposition Covertly Collaborating With Racist Websites / Bloggers To Promote Ron Paul On Those Disgusting Sites

Was doing a general google search concerning CPAC 2011 and unexpectedly got this link to come up in the top results.

http: //www.whitenewsnow.com/ron-paul-revolution/12831-ron-paul-will-conquer-cpac-2011-feb-10-12-a.html

What concerns me is that I am absolutely opposed to racism and I never go to these kind of sites. So why is google giving me the link in the top results when I search for CPAC 2011 related stuff and when I did not even include Ron Paul's name in my search text?

Are Ron Paul's NEOCON enemies paying to promote this article to the top of the google search results in order to covertly taint Ron's good name by associating it with disgusting racial websites?

This concerns me given that unfounded racial attacks have been a favorite tactic used against both Rand and Ron Paul in the past.

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We can count on this happening.

That is why guys like Chuck Baldwin need to be careful. We need to make it real clear, bigots and racists are NOT welcome in our Liberty movement. Why? Because intelligent individuals on the fence KNOW these groups have NO intention of sharing the Liberty if we reach our goal. These groups repulse people. If we allow them to be attached to Ron Paul and his followers, we lose.

Has anyone noticed...

...how often, like clockwork, that the "racist newsletter" reference pops up in the comments section of RP related news features lately.

In almost every "New Hampshire Straw Poll" posting I have read on the web, a commentator or two will throw that reference into their posts. It seems suspicious to me.

Are they just the rantings a few random, disgruntled and ill-informed critics or something more organized?

I think you are absolutely right about this.

The Neo-Con establishment republican wing of the republican party (which is probably about 75%) is more scared of Ron Paul than the liberals.

I totally believe they would do things like this.

But let's remember - In his 2008 presidentiall run, Dr. Paul was the only candidate to accept an invitation to an Arab American conference to speak and meet with them.

All republican candidates were invited.

Only Ron Paul showed up and gave a great speech to a very receptive audience.

This doesn't sound like racism to me.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Your politicians use your tax

Your politicians use your tax dollars to keep racist and anti-Semitic groups alive. Then they use these groups to demonize patriotic groups. They also use hate groups that they finance to justify taking control of the Internet, or some other power grab.

They have been doing this for years. When they get caught, they always claim that their man was a "government informant". Even though many times it's the "government informant" that wants to burn the cross, or blow something up.

So, trying to tie Ron Paul to groups like this ought to come as no surprise.

I agree.

I believe they have used the internet as a tool from its inception to further their agenda of division.

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~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
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don't know....but I'd believe it.

they (ie the FBI, CIA, etc) have so many guys on "the inside" of these groups - you know to 'keep an eye on them' that it would be easy I suppose.

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Just FYI I broke the link in your OP

Sending traffic to that link from the DP will only make it rise higher in the rankings, fyi.

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It's Fairly Obvious That A Script Program With A Few Of The...

friends ran the scrips to bump it up on Google. Now whether or not they are GOP or Mossad who is to know but I'd go with the latter or maybe he's just a proud white person that is not thinking clearly.

The owner of the site goes by Jamie Kelso which is also his facebook account name and you can bet I'm going to rattle his cage so to speak over this...

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Must be your computer or cookies, I don't get that

I googled CPAC 2011:

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Google Ron Paul CPAC 2011

It's right above the DP article about CPAC 2011. Very bad.

It's On The Second Page bigmikedude

I called the guy and left a message and also contacted him via facebook to try to get him to delink the article from google or remove it altogether.We'll see...


What did you say if you don't mind?

My Exact Words TenaciousE

"What kind of script did you run to get your Ron Paul CPAC article to the second page of google in one day? We've got enough problems without this coming up as a hit tied to your site. If you really want to help Ron win do something to remedy it like delink it from coming up on searches just for that page or something. Thank You."

Here is his facebook if you want to give it a go too...


And he is not just the admin at whitenewsnow.com he is the registered owner, I checked whois.com to verify it.

(crap now its front page of google 3rd down)

I will email him as well.

I'm not going to visit the site but I can look it up in whois as well.

if I encounter for example anti-muslim hate

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the nwo "invented" racism.

the nwo "invented" racism. it's just tribalism. people groups together according to race for the most part. but "they" user this against the regular people to try to control us and divide a country. it's not like black and brown bears are racist.