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Silver Below $27.00/Oz

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$ilver bump


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Doesn't silver always go down

when stocks go up?

I'll keep buying silver (and gold).

But mostly silver.

It never fails.

I bought 'the dip' on Friday. Doh.

Don't worry

I've had about the worst timing possible when buying silver during the last several years. The bull market still bailed my dumb ass out.

"The sinews of war are infinite money" ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Hilariaous Mr Wood!

Your post made me laugh out loud.

But seriously, unless you have sold your silver, if you have been buying all along you've made a killing.

Or maybe that's what you mean by the bull market bailing you out.

That is exactly the idea with buying at regular intervals called "dollar cost averaging."

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"The sinews of war are infinite money" ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

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But, brokerage fee is $4.50/oz.!

If you buy 500, then it lowers to JUST $3.00.


if the powers that be want

if the powers that be want silver back at $15 it will get there. Of course, this would be a manipulated price as was the case when silver dropped from $20 to $8.90 a couple years ago and no physical silver was available at that price. Or Palladium at the time, price at $165 but it cost you $200 for on .oz of physical.

There's much leverage in the silver market and another couple dollars drop from here could wipe out alot of people on leverage...overall though I'm long for the "long term".

If anybody is into leveraged trading...play the puts and calls on SLW...now that is a ride. Timed the puts perfectly in the last downturn and with the limited risk it's well worth it vs. trading physical/paper silver.