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Rahm Emmanuel

Appellate court rules Emanuel off the ballot
Candidate appeals to Supremes
by City Room Jan. 24, 2011

(Getty/Scott Olsen)

Rahm Emanuel
Updated: 6:37pm. The Illinois Appellate Court issued a written ruling Monday stating that Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel does not meet the qualifications to be on the February municipal ballot. Emanuel said he will appeal the decision to the Illinois Supreme Court.

The three-judge panel decided 2-1 that Emanuel did not meet the requirements for running for mayor.

Attorney Burt Odelson has argued Emanuel doesn't qualify to be on the ballot because he claims the former White House chief of staff doesn't meet a requirement that the mayor of Chicago live in the city for one year before taking the office. "You can't mentally just have a residence," Odelson said last week after arguing before the appeals court. "You have to have a residence. You have to go somewhere."


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Let's hope

that he doesn't find a position to do more damage


UndeclaredWars: We posted about the same story, mine is from a different source though, sorry. I gave yours a bump.

Rahm is an Israeli zionist ...

who is free to run for office in Israel. He has no business running for an American office IMHO.

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